Tales from the Northside

Hello everyone and welcome to Tales from the Northside!  My name is Scott or Canadian Scott if you prefer and my area of nerd love comes from watching horror movies.  This column is going to be bringing you reviews of some of the latest, greatest and lackluster horror movies from every era.  A lot of what you’re about to read will contain spoilers but I will try my best to keep you in suspense just like your favourite movies.

I have previously mentioned our friends at The Horror and More! Podcast.  The guys made a huge push in the month of October to watch as many scary movies as possible which they have called Shocktober.  You can see my reviews of volumes 1 and 2 here.  Here is a quick round up of the latest podcasts.  First up is part 3 which you can download of iTunes or visit the site here.  In this segment, the guys run down the films they watched from Oct. 13-19, and list their Top 10 Songs for a Halloween Playlist, and Kyle Murray shares his 10 favourite horror films.

In Part 4, we learn all the horror films the guys watched from Oct. 20-25, chat about Matty’s Halloween party and his friend’s lack of Psycho knowledge, plus we get another musical list with their Top 10 Score Songs for a Halloween Playlist, and finally Matty’s brother Dan Buzanko lists off his 5 favourite horror films.

In the final part of Shocktober, I may be a little bias here but this one is the best one.  On this episode the guys discuss the movies watched from Oct. 27-31, their fears that Halloween is slowly fading away as a holiday, a ranking of the Halloween film series along with their five favourite moments, and finally a certain writer of this column is featured with my top 5 favourite horror films which you can also read here and here.

Hope everyone checks these guys out because they definitely are a great podcast to listen to and they are definitely fans of the genre.  Be sure to check out the rest of the site and keep your eyes out for the next Weekly Time Waster and The Northern Dead!

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