Code Monkey Save World Review

Jonathan Coulton is pretty cool. He writes and performs music and it’s pretty cool stuff. Now he has a comic book? That sounds cool too!! Code Monkey Save World brings to life characters from some of Coulton’s most famous songs through the hard work of Greg Pak, Takeshi Miyazawa, Jessica Kholinne and Simon Bowland. They were kind enough to send me a review copy of the first issue. I don’t feel completely qualified to review it because I’m neither an avid comic reader nor practiced in critical reading. But here goes nothing!

Unfortunately for my head!canon, the mad scientist of Skullcrusher Mountain looks completely different. On the other hand, Chiron Beta Prime is beautiful : D.

Speaking of beautiful, the character design of the secondary and female characters is divine. Matilda wears the most hideous pink and black office clothes. Her shoes are black flats! Laura the Robo Queen has golden armor and has laser eyes. There’s more than one black woman with a name. Characters have noticeably varied body types. This seems significant to me.

The story works in a lot of reference to Coulton’s songs, of course. The initial setting is Tuscon. Charles works for S.C.M. Industries, owned by Skullcrusher, the aforementioned mad scientist. He’s a little less fabulous in a red trench coat with unnecessary zippers than the main ladies. Monkeys and ponies live in disturbingly close harmony. Office zombie problems exist. Etc.

The coloring is niiiiiice. The line art is niiiiiice. The movement from panel to panel felt a little jerky or stilted at times, but overall the art was so much better than I expect from American comics. And of course, my expectations are based on the few, horribly ugly, superhero comic covers I’ve glanced at.

And while the first issue doesn’t have me  dying to read the next issue, I will look for it at my local, tiny, adorable comic shop.

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