The Northern Dead

Hey folks!  Sorry about not posting last week but unfortunately the real life caught up to me and I couldn’t get a chance to post but I am back with the latest Northern Dead and what an episode to come back to.  The Governor, in my opinion, was woefully underutilized throughout season 3 and he is a great character that needed a great episode to help flesh him out and make him a more popular character because everyone loves a man we can hate.  This week we see that the Walking Dead crew have listened to the people and brought us a Governor-centric episode.

We open minutes following the slaughter of the army of Woodbury by the Governor.  The Governor and his two friends leave and set up camp for the night but The Governor is off, he lets a walker nearly get him and there was little to no reaction to that which means he is suffering from some post traumatic stress.  He awakes in the morning to find he has been abandoned by the last two people he thought he could trust.  This is followed by a great montage of The Governor breaking into Woodbury and burning that place to the ground.  The combination of slo-mo and music was brilliant and kudos to the producers for that powerful opening.  This scene is great because we also see that the Governor has moved forward in time himself and that he is a shell of his former self, long scraggly hair, unruly beard and broken spirit.

The Governor shambles his way to a small apartment complex where he comes across an elderly man, two females and a small child.  Tara, the younger sister, is a little fire cracker and doesn’t really trust anyone and treats him like garbage.  What i thought the entire time when Tara was egging the Governor on was “listen lady, you are going to get stabbed or shot in front of everyone so step back!” But this man has changed in his travels.  He is broken both physically and mentally.  He takes shelter for the night and even turns down food offered to him by his new neighbours.

One of the big themes for this season is changing who you are and whether you can go back to the life you had before.  Throughout the episode, The Governor is shown looking at old photos with his wife and daughter and he at first tries to cover his picture in the photo and then later in the episode he takes the photo and burns it.  This signifies the Governor’s old life is over and he is moving forward from here.  He also appears to be letting go of even his old Governor life as he goes on two selfless missions to help this family.  First he gets a backgammon board and then by trying to grab oxygen tanks to help the old man at the apartment.  This last trip was unsuccessful as the older man did end up succumbing to cancer and died.  A quick flash of the old Governor appears when he kills the old man who turns.

As the episode begins to wind down, the Governor shows more that he is changing when he decides to join up with the three girls rather than leaving them to fend for themselves. I will admit that as the show was coming to a close and given the title of the shows episode “Live Bait” that I really thought things were going to end badly for the three girls.  Instead, we see them try to make their way to a new place and when they encounter a group of walkers, they need to make a quick exit.  But The Governor and the little girl fall into a trap filled with walkers.  The Governor then fights all three with his bare hands which was an awesome sequence, and then tells the girl he will never let anything happen to her.  And just when we think he has turned the corner, he looks up and is faced with Martinez, one of his lackeys from the start of the episode that abandoned him.

Some other quick hits from the episode:

  • Does anyone else think that “Brian Harriet” is the worst fake name ever?
  • I guess we don’t have to ask how the prison group is going because the timeline would place things during the medicine runs and Carol’s ousting.
  • With everyone driving around so much, shouldn’t these guys have spotted each other a little sooner?
  • It was great to see Morrissey stretch the acting chops a little.  His scene with the little girl was heart-breaking.
  • The Governor didn’t wait too long before moving on from Andrea.
  • The Governor’s zombie kills by hand were the winners of zombie kill of the night.

Well folks that has been “Live Bait”.  The Governor received a great push in character that was sorely needed for us fans of the show. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how The Governor charms himself into the group and we see that Martinez is the only person from his new group who really knows who The Governor really is.  Also, does anyone want to know how we get from the ending of this week to the ending of last week?  Next week appears to be another Governor-centric episode so hit the comments to tell me if you think the Governor has turned the corner or should we expect him to return to his old ways.  Once again, thanks for letting me take last week off and i hope you enjoyed this week’s episode.  Be sure to check out my other friends on Nerditis and we’ll see you for Weekly Time Waster and the next The Northern Dead.

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