Comic Book Storytelling: Superman/Wonder Woman

Its time for another Comic Book Storytelling review.  This time we will be looking at the new Superman and Wonder Woman team up series from DC Comics.  Like all my reviews I am looking at the first two issues of the series.


The promotions for this series hyped it being all about Superman and Wonder Woman’s new relationship but the series has yet to explain where this relationship came from.  When did they start dating?  When was their first kiss?  Did Superman ask Wonder Woman out first or did she ask him?  If this series is really about the relationship like they claim then I want to know this stuff.  The series begins with the relationship already in progress.  I am curious what the story is behind why the relationship started in the first place.  So far we have just heard them talk about how strong and powerful they think each other are, if that is the only reason they are together it makes them both look kind of shallow.


The series tries to have some action where Wonder Woman fights Doomsday and Superman punches the Greek god Apollo, but these scenes are too brief to have much impact and don’t appear to have any consequences.  They are setting up a story about Phantom Zone prisoners slipping through reality and the debut of another new General Zod but that’s been done before so it kind of falls flat for me.

Any other issues I have with this series are now about the state of the New 52.  I am a big fan of Superman, he has always been one of my favorites.  For years I have had to listen to people talk about how lame he is or how you can’t relate to him at all.  I have always disagreed with these people until the New 52 Superman came along.  This Superman is so bland and devoid of personality I can’t understand why Wonder Woman is wasting her time with him.  I suppose it could be about sex but then again pretty much all comic book relationships are completely devoid of any sexual element, but that is a subject to be explored further on another day.

I just want to take one last moment to address all of the Batman/Wonder Woman shipers out there.  A relationship between Batman and Wonder Woman has been explored before in Justice League comics before the New 52 and the animated series and while I find this pairing far more interesting character storytelling-wise, I think people should stop fooling themselves thinking that they would ever actually settle down together into a functional relationship.

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