BREAKING: Sony Finally Figured Out Marketing

a.k.a. Daddy's Most Beloved Bastard Child

a.k.a. Daddy’s Most Beloved Bastard Child

Aah, the PS Vita. The love child of Sony and that one night of drunken, wanton debauchery in Las Vegas. Sony seems to want to do the responsible thing and take care of their unwanted baby, and their recent move seems to be an affirmation of that fact.

MCV magazine’s website reported that the UK is getting a PS4/Vita bundle just in time for Christmas this year, and their print version confirmed this by posting the following advertising:

My wallet is writhing in pain.

My wallet is writhing in pain.

While I applaud Sony for sticking to their guns and taking care of their weakest link, this move just seemed like promising a large plate of juicy steak with all the fancy trimmings and a free side-order of KFC’s Famous Bowl: it is confusing as all hell. Still, it’s a nice gesture by Sony to show us that they’re willing to stand their ground with their most disappointing product ever. After all, that’s the sign of a good father.

Oooh, that got dark there for a second, huh?

"I don't mind if everybody hates me, so long as you love me, Daddy!" /cue emotional music

“I don’t mind if everybody hates me, so long as you love me, Daddy!” /cue emotional music

7 responses to “BREAKING: Sony Finally Figured Out Marketing

    • Oh I wouldn’t say it was a TOTAL failure. If anything, bundling it alongside the PS4 could be seen as a pretty smart move on Sony’s part to save the Vita. Hence, the article’s title.

  1. I would not call the PS Vita Sony’s most disappointing product ever. To say this is very irresponsible, It is in fact one of their best product and the most advanced handheld to date and everyone knows this. If anything those honors fall to the “PSP GO”. It’s a price issue along with an expensive storage option. The Vita just needs more 3rd party support, something they are now getting in droves. This bundle will help put more PS Vitas’ in the hands of gamers and give developers a reason to make games for it besides the indies and other great games it has already.

    • To each his own, I suppose. There’s still a long way to go for the little device that could to prove itself. Pretty happy to hear it’s getting more 3rd party support, though.

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