Tabletop Gaming News Special: Tabletop Workshop Castle Now Available for Pre-order

Hey all, thought you would like the news of some shiny new building kits.


Its not often we actually get press releases over at the Wargaming Desk on Nerditis, so when Tabletop Workshop sent us something, I thought it best to share with all you lovely people. Especially as we like to big up new and exciting talent.

Tabletop Workshop are a bit new to the scene, having just released a Medieval Cottage and Chapel perfect for 28mm scale gaming. They’re getting ambitious though and have a Castle up for pre-order:

“After the initial success of its 28mm Medieval Chapel and Cottage, Tabletop Workshop would like to announce its next project will be a highly detailed 28mm Castle Kit. This is a massive piece of kit and contains a selection of walls, towers and a gatehouse. As you’d expect from us, these are highly detailed inside and out.

The castle will be released early next year and we are offering customers the chance to take advantage of our heavily discounted pre-order offer with free stretch goals. Here they can pick up a castle for as low as £90 if they pre-order, this is available from Thursday 21st November. (The combined RRP of the set would be £180 so this is a huge discount). The pre-order offer is limited to a maximum of 150 sets and we are also offering stretch goals every 25 sales. This amazing offer will never be repeated!”

If the stretch goals thing seems odd, just imagine it as Kickstarter, but you know you will get something at the end of it.

Anyway, its a pretty goodish deal. The kits seem to be good value and sturdy and I’m hoping we can get our hands on one to examine it further in future.

Now for more pictures (click for a larger image).





Theres more where that came from, as well as details of the special offers, over on

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