The Northern Dead

Welcome to another week here on The Northern Dead!  After seeing The Governor get his own episode last week, we see another Governor-centric episode.  We probably need to kill some time to see what happened while the Prison was getting better following the Flu.  Martinez brings The Governor into his camp and even addresses him as Brian.  But you can tell this is not going to go over well for anyone.  Even Martinez tells everyone that they know each other from the old camp but that another person was in charge.  Our episode opens with The Governor and his new adopted daughter discussing their current game of chess.  You can see there is more to his speech because he is going to make a play on the camp to either control it, or get them to do his way.

He accompanies his new camp mates on a run into a local hermit’s place which should have some supplies.  We are told that the camp is dangerously low on supplies despite there being a lot of pretty capable people around that could help out on multiple runs in the area.  We see numerous soldiers spread out throughout the hermit’s place and each one is missing a head and they are all given some strange wording on them (ie. Liar, Rapist, Murderer).  Why wouldn’t you turn around because there are some red flags all over this thing?!?  There is a brief skirmish but nothing major.  The group does manager to get supplies and they celebrate by drinking and shooting the shit.  We learn one of the army guys is a tank driver which brings things in line with the comic a little bit as this camp has a tank.  The other army guy is a good guy as well.

In order to celebrate this new pick up from the survival camp have a few beers.  But I think Martinez is having a little too much as he starts getting The Governor all riled with talk about Woodbury.  You can sense from the Governor that he is starting to get sick of being a bit player and wants to get into his old ways.  Then while having a friendly game of golf, The Governor, decides to start his climb up the ladder within this new camp by taking out Martinez.  We see that he has remorse for what he did as Lilly sees him crying over “a bad dream”.  What they do not realize yet is that Martinez will be discovered dead by our two army guys and the camp is tossed into turmoil as there is no specific ruler now.  Pete is now the defacto leader but no one is happy.

Pete, The Governor and Tank guy go out on a run and The Governor sees cracks in this leadership.  Pete is afraid to make the tough decisions like raiding a group for supplies which ended up being killed anyway by someone else whereas his brother is a little too rash.  Upon return to camp, The Governor sees that there is nothing good going to happen at this camp and he tries to leave but is stopped by a mudslide filled with walkers which has stopped him from leaving the camp for good.  To me, this is the turning point for The Governor.  He tried to turn away from his old life by leaving the camp with his family intact but now that he sees he has no other options, he decides to start working up the chain within the camp and start running things.  First up is Pete.  He murders Pete and throws his body into the local lake thus recreating his fish tank but a more natural environment.  He then moves onto Tank Guy and tells him that he killed Pete and if he wanted to stay alive, he will let The Governor run thing because he will do anything to keep his family alive and safe.

Our closing moments brings us back up to speed in the timeline of the show as our ending moments end with The Governor spotting the Prison and will he make a hard push for the prison to either finish his business or to even make a play for bringing his camp into the Prison world.  Our previews for next week, the mid-season finale, shows Woodbury 2 make a play for the Prison with the tank in tow.   Expect a lot of killing, great action and some deaths of both major and minor characters.

Some other quick hits from the episode:

  • Why would let a guy with one eye lead a group into a house?  He has blind spots already!
  • I wonder what the story was with the headless soldiers and their “deadly sins”.  Will this come up in the next half season?
  • Duct Tape once again is shown as universal fixer when The Governor reaches for it to fix a leak.
  • Did anyone else notice that Tank Guy was channelling Al Pacino with his accent?
  • Tara is a lesbian…who knew?!?
  • Seeing the Governor standing over the lake looking at Pete’s body was absolutely chilling.  He is definitely back.
  • Lily is definitely a stronger character than Andrea was in three seasons but her naivety can only last for so long.

Well folks that has been “Dead Weight”.  Next week is the mid-season finale of the show and there is going to be another attack on the prison.  If i was place bets on the death pool for the show expect Herschel, Sasha, Lily, Tara and The Governor as your sure bets to not make it through the episode.  I would also not be surprised if the prison group leaves and moves on to a group probably with Carol in it setting up tension for the next half.  With the Governor back next week is going to be bananas.  Hit the comments to let me know where you see the finale ending be sure to check out my other friends on Nerditis and we’ll see you for Weekly Time Waster and the next The Northern Dead.

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