Doctor Who: Day Of The Doctor theater experience

2013-11-25 21.40.01

Well, never done these before, I tend to review physical things, rather than abstract experiences that have a unique impact to the one experiencing it. Probably just as well, since I probably got the use of abstract wrong.

Anyway, Here’s a short write up of my experience at my local cinema for the Day Of The Doctor

First off, if you haven’t seen the 50th, don’t worry, I’m careful with what I say, I’ll make sure most of it will go over your heads, and to those that have, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Just like with all the innuendos on Animaniacs.

Now then, on with the write up, if you’d rather skip to the bit about the episode it’s self, just skip to the “THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR” in bold letters

Well, I was lucky enough to snag a ticket the day before the screening. It was sold out, well one of the showings, there were about 3 in total I think. I got the 7:30 showing, the latest one was at around 10:20-ish I believe. The price of the ticket was around $18, Bit expensive, but then again, It’s been ages since I’ve gone to the theater, last thing I saw at a theater, was snow dogs, and I wasn’t paying, so what do I know? Granted, I have gone to a drive in nearby for Transformers 2, but there, you can probably bring 4 or five people in for what I paid. But I feel no regrets, so I can say I’m satisfied

Food: well, I didn’t buy anything, or a drink. I spent all my allowance for the week(And a few from the coming one…) on the ticket. I did sneak in some sweets, well, not sure if they are sweets to be honest, they’re more of a baking soda hard candy thing, but with a lemon taste, quite good. I recommend them

The theater itself: well it was nice. I don’t think it had those flashy red curtains, but it was nice and clean. I was right next to the lights for the stairs, so bit hart to immerse yourself when there’s several dozen tiny yellow lights right next to you.

The Audience: Well, loads of cosplayers, a few cross playes and dozens of fezes, and a lot of Who shirts. In hindsight, I should have dressed the part. I only wore my sports coat, and Ten’s Sonic. Should have worn the tweed one I had at least, but oh well. Anyway, they got excited on some bits but were mostly quiet, the cheers were mostly at the beginning and for when the Doctors first appear and bumped into each other. There was also applause coming from a large number of the audience (and myself) when the episode had ended


The Pre-Show: Well, it was pretty good, about 4-6 minutes I think, it was Comander Strax giving us a bit of a lecture on movie etiquette. He showed the consequences in standard Strax nature for things such as recording, and calling people. He also told us how he approved of our tradition of crushing Pop corn alive while watching films, and then gave us a hands on demonstration where the popcorn screamed in agony in a high pitched voice.

There was also another bit, this one was about 2 minutes long I think. It had the 10th and 11th Doctors welcoming us, and telling us to put on our glasses. 

Sound: Well, the sound was crisp and clear, I have sharp ears, so I had to bring ear plugs, but even so, I didn’t notice any lag or anything. Music was good, hearing “I am The Doctor” play on those speakers sent a shiver down my spine.

3D Experience: Now here’s where it get’s a bit tricky, you see, I’ve never gone to a 3d thing before. Well, unless you count the Honey I shrunk the audience thing at Disney land once.I can say however that, it really isn’t noticeable. It’s the most noticeable at around the beginning, around the parts where the doctor is making the phone call, and the bit where Clara looks at the painting. Aside from that, I didn’t really notice it except for when there was ash from an explosion, or some ambient smoke coming from some spots of the TARDIS.

Now for the other thing, you know, the bit where pople say the bad bits about 3D, well, my eyes feel a bit tired, don’t know if that’s from the 3d, of that mostly useless Eye Doctor I went to a few months ago. The corner of my eye hurts a bit. As for the common complaint about headache, not that sure either, only at the beginning, but I’m not really sure since I’ve had them most of the time since I was told I was a tiny bit near sighted.

Bonus Scenes: Well, there wasn’t a lot to be honest, there was a good Doctor Who confidential style thing for the 50th, but that was it. It’s nice, but it was a bit short for my taste, would have liked it to have been a bit longer, or that they’d have at least added Night Of The Doctor, since it’s strongly tied to the episode continuity wise.

Closing remarks: I had fun, there were loads of fans,I brought my sonic screwdriver, but I didn’t really get to pull it out.

That sounds bad, but let me explain, I heard at the theater thing for Asylum of the Daleks, there were some fun bits with people playing around with Sonics. No such thing here, so tiny bit disappointing.  I took the 3d glasses home, and picked up a pretty nice black button I found off the ground. So I think I got a pretty decent thing. money well spent I say.

Also, If you lost that Button, I am not returning it. It’s a button, unless it’s got a lot of sentimental value, It’s not worth the stamp to send it.

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