Kill Innocent Bystanders From The Comfort of Your Mobile Devices

*cue rap music and offensive stereotypes*

Aaand cue the rap music and offensive stereotypes!

Rockstar announced that they are going to port their rags-to-riches-via-truckloads-of-bullets tale, “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”, to both the Android and Apple’s iDevices come December 2013. Oh, wonderful! Now you can suffer the same frustration of trying to catch up with that goddamn train with even MORE wonkier controls than ever!


How I’ve wished the oncoming train would release me from my misery…

Regardless of my hatred towards the Train Mission and how much touch controls are just going to make me loathe the mission even more, this definitely speaks a lot on how far technology has came along since the sunny days of 2004. To think that one day I would be able to squish clueless pedestrians with a cement truck or advocate senseless gang violence or commit to some “hot coffee” good time, all through the comfort of my own cellphone, why, that just makes me feel very proud as a gamer and a fan of technology, y’know?

*sniff* Sorry. No, I’m not crying; I just got something in my eyes.

"Yea'. It's called a bullet, muthafucka'."

“Yea’. It’s called a bullet, muthafucka’.”


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