Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW FOLLOWUP: The Mordles


Hey, remember when I wrote on Toyfinity’s Mordles Revival? Well, it’s been a few months since then, so it’s worth checking in!  And as before, they are for sale at Toyfinity.


I am glad to say that the Mordles have been going strong with almost-monthly released – October was actually skipped over due to convention scheduling and the debut of another Glyos-compatible Doctor Kent ’80s revival line, Roboforce (no pictures, I don’t have any of those dudes yet). But to make up for it, November had a ton of extras. So, what have the Mordles been up to since then?


Firstly, they haven’t sold out of any regular Mordle colors. Toyfinity keeps their stuff in stock, which is way better than what you see from many indy toy sellers (five minute sellout? Don’t they start adjusting stock?).


So, we’ve got Mordles in yellow, blue, pink, green, orange, purple, black, and red – and special bonuses!  Though I seem to have neglected photographing the bonuses… hey, that’s life.


Club Mordle members get little bonus dudes – yellow with green teeth, or red with yellow, or red with blue. Everybody has a shot at special Brown Mordles, individually available as a bonus! Even the eggs have gotten a boost, with glow in the dark eggs supporting the standard ones.


And of course… the Big Mordle. The Giant Mordle. The Imbalance of Blood Mordle!


Okay, this guy is HUGE! He’s vinyl, and $10, and about four inches tall. You can remove his feet, but this guy can’t really serve as a “piggy bank” for your Mordles. Now, he has sold out, but there should be another one up in December.


So, the future of Mordles looks great! I’m happy to keep acquiring these little guys, and I am curious as to what colors are coming next!  Go check them out at Toyfinity!


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