Aqua Maniacs UNITE! DC entertainment has BIG plans for our favorite Undersea dweller


During a recent interview with Variety it was started by Geoff Johns that “At DC, efforts have been afoot for months to help Aquaman, well, catch a wave. He’s a priority character for the company. Geoff Johns is DC Entertainment’s chief creative officer.

the full article is here.

Things haven’t been decided yet as to which venue Orin will be taking to expose his might, but whether a TV series or a big screen movie the only thing I can guarantee you all here is than I will be there to support it.

I mean hell I endured season 1 of Smallville. I enjoyed a leaked copy of that never “actually released” Mercy Reef. (Aquaman pilot made for the CW back in 2006) far more than most of the things I’m offered by my cable company to watch today. So lets hope these waves continue to surge and this excitement  doesn’t fizzle out into white sea foam.

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