Life In Plastic: BLACK FRIDAY!

You know, I don’t do Black Friday.  Maybe I’ll shop online, but the crowds just don’t make it worth it.

But then there’s shopping on Thanksgiving.  Why?  And honestly, this applies to seeing a movie – why do something that requires other people, who likely observe the same holiday, to skip out on their own families?  Yeah, sure, they’d be working their jobs whether you went out or not, but that’s no reason to join the screaming mob and demand that somebody’s kid can’t go home so they can serve you.

And yes, I know that I am quite the consumer-ish person.  I have piles of toys.  But even I have to draw a line somewhere.

As said HERE:

“Our great grandparents enjoyed a meal and praised the Lord for the food on the table and the friends and family gathered around it. We, having slightly altered the tradition, instead elect to bum-rush elderly women and trample over children to get our hands on cheap TVs.”

Yeah, I know, it’s a short post.

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