Lindsay Lohan VS GTA V: Who Will Win? (Hint: It’s Not Lindsay)

The Great Controversy Train just never stops!

The Great Controversy Train just never stops!

TMZ has reported that apparently former teeny pop princess Lindsay Lohan has decided to go after Grand Theft Auto V for using her likeness without her permission. It wasn’t very clear what her lawyers mentioned to be specifically Lindsay’s likeness, but TMZ theorized it could be the lovely lady on the game’s cover, who, honestly, we just don’t see the resemblance with the esteemed Miss Lohan. Even our intern, who’s not the brightest crayon in the box, made a similar observation:

"Hey, isn't that Kate Upton?" - Nerditis' Intern

“Hey, isn’t that Kate Upton?” – Nerditis’ Intern

There’s also apparently a mission in the game where you, as Franklin, filmed a certain celebrity that tries to maintain a squeaky-clean, completely inoffensive and harmless in terms of imagery doing, well, something that is not completely inoffensive and harmless, so to speak:

Now, we here at the Nerditis’ game desk tries very hard to completely separate between celebrity and video game news, but once in a while, the two collided harder than Poppy Mitchell against a set of concrete pipes that it’s very hard to say where one ends and the other begins. So, we’ll try to keep it short by saying this: Lindsay will not win this one.



At best, she’s going to win this case, and get a settlement at the price of being ushered into the same pantheon of shame as Jack Thompson with jeers and ridicule all the way. At worst, she’s going to lose the case AND get all of the above PLUS the brand of an “Attention Seeking Sensationalist”. It’s like playing a chess game with Trevor, really: either way, you’re going to lose.

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