The Northern Dead

Welcome to another week here on The Northern Dead!  Recent TV show trends tell us that with December coming, shows must close up shop for the year and restart in February.  We open with The Governor’s rally speech to his new camp.  He tells them that he will take the prison with the least amount of force as possible.  But how?  Well he kidnapped Michonne and Herschel earlier in the day and will use them as collateral for the prison.  I’m no fool but I can tell you that is definitely not going to happen as drawn out by the Governor.  And this point is brought up when he tells everyone we are going to fight if they have to do it.  The Governor, Michonne and Herschel have a quiet moment with each other.  Herschel explains to the Governor that it would be possible to live inside the prison together and no one needs to be harmed but The Governor is pretty firm here, it’s all or nothing.  We end our time with the Governor saying goodbye to his adopted daughter and girlfriend who tells him that repeatedly that this is not a good idea.  I guess they will be left behind until the Prison is secure with everyone else not in the militia.

We switch gears and go back to the prison.  It’s been a few weeks but I’ve been dying to find out if this medicine is a miracle cure as we expected.  And it looks like it has been.  Glenn, Sasha and everyone else that was sick has received the IV and they are recovering from this illness quite nicely.  Some are moving a little worse than others but probably that is based on how sick they were.  Glenn, who was probably the worst one, is the weakest following medicine but Sasha who was just as bad is moving around a little easier.  We see her thanking Bob, our alcoholic medic, is reluctant to accept any praise because we know he almost blew it, I wonder how that will come to play later in the episode? The other elephant in the room of course is The Counsel learning of Carol’s ousting.  Rick starts with Daryl who is obviously upset about the whole situation.  He doesn’t understand why it was done and he is definitely upset.  Rick explains that he hasn’t he told Tyrese yet so the two of them decide to tell him together.  What happens next is an interesting moment that will surely play deeper into the season as Tyrese discovers a dissected rat/squirrel and on display in the tombs of the prison.  Tyrese believes it’s the same person who killed his girlfriend but Rick and Daryl are trying to tell him it was Carol but there’s no time…a huge explosion has rocked the prison walls and I think The Governor is here.

The Governor has arrived with his tank and militia with a bang; he literally blew a tower of the prison to announce his arrival.  Immediately, The Governor demands to speak with Rick which he explains to The Governor he is no longer in charge of the prison group.  But The Governor doesn’t care; he has Herschel and Michonne and will only talk to Rick.  Rick reluctantly goes to speak to the Governor.  How will our prison group get out of this alive?  Will Rick be able to broker a peace treaty for safe passage out?  As Rick begins to talk to The Governor, we see the prison begin to mobilize.  Daryl begins handing out guns to everyone because he even realizes that things will go south quickly.  The prison does have a plan that involves loading up one of the buses and getting out of dodge with minimal amount of food but with everyone “high risk” intact.  There are a lot of people with guns in the prison but they are definitely outnumbered.  Carl talks about shooting the Governor from 500 yards away but Daryl tells him to hold off and let Rick handle it.

We have a quick cut scene that begins to ramp up the action factor of this episode.  Lily and her daughter are sitting by the river bank waiting for The Governor when Lily spots a walker making his way across the river.  Her daughter meanwhile is digging in the mud where she discovers a sign warning of flash floods.  Suddenly, a hand reaches out of the mud and out pops a walker.  Lily is unable to get to her daughter in time before she is bitten in the shoulder.  How will Lily save her daughter?  How will The Governor handle his new daughter also becoming a walker like his first daughter Penny?!

No time to wait as we head back to the stand off.  Rick explains to the Governor that while they have had their moments in the past all can be forgotten.  The Governor can go to his own cell block and they never have to cross paths ever again.  This was sentiment that was uttered by Herschel earlier but like earlier, The Governor is not going to budge, either he has the whole thing to himself or he is going to burn that prison to the ground.  Rick tries to plead with everyone else in the group but The Governor is done with all of this garbage.  It’s time for action.  You can see the small twig in The Governor’s head snap that was his last bit of humanity.  Now there is a lot of crap that goes down so bare with me here.  First, The Governor beheads Herschel in front of everyone.  Rick opens fire wounding the Governor on the shoulder and everyone just opens fire.  Rick is wounded as well in the leg by gunfire.  The Governor gives the order to advance the tank into the prison.  Everyone starts going everywhere!  The Governor is confronted by Lily and his slowly dying “daughter” and he decides that keeping her around like Penny is not a good idea and shoots her in the head immediately.

Now creepy girl/Carol’s protégé has rallied the kids together with guns and they prove their great shots by rescuing Tyrese who was under fire by a couple from the militia who were clearly caught off guard by kids wielding guns.  Maggie, forces Glenn onto the bus with the sick and elderly but the man wants to fight!  As she mentions on Talking Dead, Maggie was getting angry that everyone kept wanting to get off the bus and everyone who was suppose to be on the bus was not on it.  The commotion has garnered a lot of attention from walkers in the area and they are heading over in droves.  But back quickly to The Governor and Rick, The Governor seemingly has Rick done for but Michonne runs The Governor through with her Katana and just when we think we have the satisfaction of an end, she leaves him to die in the middle of the field similar to how Andrea was left to die, then turn.  His end ultimately comes from Lily who shoots him in the head but her fate is unknown.

Like at the end of season 2 and the escape from Herschel’s farm, the prison group has been split in multiple different directions:

  • Glenn was last seen on the bus with some of the elderly and sick kids.  As we know, some of the other kids were playing cowboy and shooting people in the head.  Where was that bus going?
  • Speaking of the other kids, Tyrese went chasing after them when they took off running away from the bus.  Did they make it into the woods or are they roaming the prison?
  • Speaking of Tyrese, Sasha, Medic Bob and Maggie were pinned down in gun fire and watched as the bus with Glenn drove off.  Where are they going?  Bob was shot and is hurt.  Sasha meanwhile is still feeling the effects of the super flu.
  • Speaking of Maggie, after leaving the bus before taking off, Beth went to check where Judith aka Lil’ Ass-Kicker was but couldn’t find her.  She runs into Daryl who tells her they got to go.  This brings them full circle as they shared some moments together at the end of the first episode of the season.
  • Speaking of Judith, Rick badly injured and beaten from his fight with the Governor comes across Carl.  The two of them begin to find Judith only to discover her baby seat filled with blood and what appears to be drag marks from the seat to a place unknown.  Rick immediately begins sobbing and Carl was holding it together until he spots a walker and unloads his rifle in rage.  Both men are distraught but Rick knows it is time to move on.  They depart the prison with Rick’s advice to “never look back.”
  • Michonne was last seen running the Governor through with her Katana but she was never seen after that so we should assume she has gone rogue in hopes of catching up with the rest of the group.

Well folks that has been “Too Far Gone”.  The Governor received his comeuppance from three sides, Herschel needed to die in order to remind everyone that Scott Wilson is an awesome actor and we learned that ultimately, you can never look back on you past because what important is what happens now in the zombie apocalypse.  The new episodes start up again in February and you can expect to see and hear lots of rumours, trailers and clips!  I will be all over it as I was this year and I hope you look forward to seeing where our group has ended up following the fall of the prison.  Be sure to check out my other friends on Nerditis and we’ll see you for Weekly Time Waster and the next The Northern Dead.

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