Well, At Least It’s Not Completely Over For Sonic

Because FUCK Mario Kart! *dodges thrown rotten tomatoes*

Because FUCK Mario Kart! *dodges rotten tomatoes*

Destructoid has reported that Sonic’s second foray into the kart-racing genre is going to be free to play for the PC via Steam as of this weekend of December 6th, 2013, all the way to Sunday at 1:00 PM Pacific Time. Now, I can already hear the Nintendo fanboys hissing their “PRECIOUS!” away at this post, guarding their copies of Mario Kart dearly from harm’s way, so I’ll just be frank and bite the bullet head on:

This game is better than Mario Kart.


Oh it is ON now, sucka!

At the very least, the game has more variety than Mario Kart due to its transformation feature. It might seem like a pointless gimmick, but giving the controls for each car, airplane, and boat mode a “different, but familiar” feel certainly gives it a more valid, actual variety than just, say, allowing the drivers to implausibly drive underwater. It takes a degree of skill, and yet at the same time also provides a very low learning curve to play the game, and any developer worth their salt knows that is a winning combination.

Also, no fucking Blue Shells, so that’s always a win in MY book!

"The only blue you'll see is the sky and my furry butt when I beat you!"

“The only blue you’ll see is the sky and my furry butt when I take first place!”

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