Does anybody miss Peter Parker?


A lot has happened in the life of Spider-man over the last year since Octavious  has taken control of Peter’s body. While the character has become arrogant, insufferable and cocky he has also been proactive, focused and more interesting than any time I can remember  (Short of his actions in Civil War, which were ret-con’ed almost immediately after they happened)

Instead of being Flighty and Reactionary, Otto Octavious has used his genius intellect in a far more creative fashion than Peter ever did. Peter’s claim to fame rest in his Web shooters, then afterward he decided to stop creating and rest on his laurels despite his being as gifted as the Good Doctor in the IQ department.


I love the transition from villain to hero that Otto is making; falling back into old habits of an authoritarian doctrine it is a conscious effort. Doc has always been ego driven. His desire and determination to prove himself “superior” to Parker will keep him on the right side of the law for the time being despite himself. However as time goes by He will become more and more intoxicated with his new power and the line of right and wrong will start to blur much like a line of need and want.

I don’t believe Otto ever wanted to be a villain. Most great villain don’t they are just sympathetic characters who through unforeseen circumstances get thrust into situations where the bad decisions they make avalanche down upon them. I am enjoying this book because Otto is bringing all of his experiences as “the villain” to the new game he’s playing as hero. He has also been responsible for more changes in such a short period of time in the character than any other time I can remember

Under Otto’s influence Peter’s body has


1. Become a true gadget hero adding many new toys to his repertoire including clawed gloves and a backpack that conceals 4 extra (spider-like) legs.


2. Become a killer. Having executed The Madman Massacre to prevent  his continued rein of terror on the people of New York

3. Returned to School to get his Doctorate. Something Peter never prioritized

4. Make time for Aunt May regularly sitting down to enjoy meals with her and her new husband.


5. Earning the respect of Mayor J Jonah Jameson if only temporarily after the Massacre killing.


 6. The creation of his Spider-bot army allows him to monitor the entire city and be proactive in Crime management rather than always reacting to whatever crime he comes across.

All this and more in the short time Doctor Octopus has been in control of Peter’s body.

The only fact I truly lament is that this new reality is only temporay, I realize that with the release of The amazing Spider-man 2 in the Summer of 2014, we can all be sure  that Parker’s return has already been story boarded out somewhere deep in the halls of Marvel studios. Unfortunately when Peter returns I will probably make my exit, because while the book is currently Hotter than the Human Torch’s Athletes foot, I know I wont be able to handle a slide back to “good old stand by “ attitudes


So in short, No I do not miss Peter Parker.

Do you?

3 responses to “Does anybody miss Peter Parker?

  1. Ock-Spidey is good fun, but yea, I totally miss Peter. It’s a compelling story so its working but we are starting to see Otto get over that hump where Peter’s old memories aren’t really evening out his megalomania. Plus, and this is pretty unfair to the Superior Spider-Man title, but his appearances in other books have been unflattering to say the least. I always wanted Spidey to be an Avenger because he never seemed like a loner and with all his one-liners just needed some teammates to say them to. Otto is not way though and he has stuck out like a sore thumb.

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