Comic Book Storytelling: Avengers Endless Wartime

It is time for more Comic Book Storytelling.  This time we will be looking at the original graphic novel Avengers: Endless Wartime from Marvel Comics.  I kept hearing about this one and it has been popping up on a lot of holiday shopping guides for comic book fans and other nerds.  This graphic novel was good but I think it may be getting more hype than it deserves.


Endless Wartime is a self contained story about the headlining members of the Avengers dealing with the consequences of some of their past actions.  It stars the same lineup from the movie plus Captain Marvel and Wolverine.  Endless Wartime is a good Avengers story but it did not wow me the way some of the reviews made it sound like it would.  A number of articles have claimed this is a good story for people who only know the Avengers from the movies, in a way they are right.  This is a good way to introduce new readers to the comic book versions of the characters they know from the films, but no one should go into this expecting these Avengers to be the same as the ones from the movies.  Many of them behave very differently from their movie counterparts.

At times Endless Wartime seems more like it is trying to be a deconstruction of the Avengers but then pulls its punches before going all the way.  The biggest complaint I have is that it is way too short.  I was surprised by how thin the graphic novel was when I picked it up.  I feel that the story would have benefited from a slightly larger page count.  There are a lot of scenes of characters standing in a room talking about what is going on or what just happened instead of the audience getting to see the action on the page.

It has its flaws but Avengers: Endless Wartime is still a good read and it probably would make a good Christmas gift.

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