All the flaws none of the heroics, Spoiler Alert.

Justice League 3000 an opinion piece.


Superman, Batman, WonderWoman, Flash and Green Lantern. Reborn into a world where they are needed but not their own world. 

The team has no soul, and the dialog feels like a semi-scripted reality show from time to time through out the book  There is loads of conflict, as each character seems to have been reduced down to their minimalist core. Power. However Powers alone do not make heroes, life experiences make Heroes, removing the defining elements that forced our beloved Justice League to turn into the shining lights of pop culture we adore they have reduced these five to bullies and babies. Yes it would appear that DC’s  flagship team has been cloned to take on the challenges of the 31st century.


Now after my bold statement, I will acknowledge that this is probably going to be a core storyline as the series progresses as The Cloners (2sibling un-affectionately called the Wonder Twins by Batman3k ) try to control their newly minted loose canons. They state plain as day that the problem with their Versions is that their histories have been wiped. You birth someone from a chamber with all the powers of a God and no context to respect humanity, I say you’ve just created an enormous problem, potentially one bigger than the crisis you created your Heroes to fight. I will admit I was disappointed to find out that he Flash wasn’t going to be Wally as speculated earlier on when the series was announced.


That having been said, I will be back next month to see where this is going, I hope that the fall of arrogance and pride will be a harsh one, and I was interested in the characters enough to want to see the flash and Green Lantern develop backbones again. In truth the only member I enjoyed in this inaugural issue was Batman. Which is really odd for me as I don’t usually collect or enjoy the Bat books.

So one book in and all I can think is, this Series needs The Martian Manhunter! But that is just my personal opinion.


Stay True Friends and all will be well.

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