Anime Net Fix: Kill La Kill

anime Net Fix
Welcome to Anime Net fix, where I watch the first 3 episodes of an anime online (Crunchyroll, Hulu, or Netflix), and help you avoid the bad ones.

This week, we’re looking at Kill La Kill.

Now, to help me out on this, I’ve tied the Nerditis Intern to a chair, he’ll ask questions,

Nerditis Intern: …And why am I tied up exactly?

I talk about anime, you ask questions, I answer them, I get money.

Nerditis intern: Will I get paid?



Nerditis Intern: Why me and not one of the other interns?

It was that when I first saw you, I knew I had to tie you up, you just have that sort of face. I was entranced. Kinda like how Intern #4 activates my sadistic urges and I unscrew the nails in his chair. I just wanted to tie you up and force you to join the tea parties with me and miss Coffee, and I figure I’d also use you for this too

Nerditis Intern: ….You’re a pervert aren’t you?

I blame Eiken

Nerditis Intern: Will you at least untie me?


Nerditis Intern: I thought not.

But don’t worry, I practice catch and release, I’ll let you out eventually before I catch you again for next week!

Nerditis Intern: Swell….

Oh, so people still say that? Good, I have a hard time with slang without trying to keep up on what’s used these days. 

Nerditis Intern: So, who are you again?

I’m your boss. Technically. I do articles for the site sometimes, and this is my attempt to complete a weekly column. I’m your boss because I outrank the coffee machine, and she outranks you, so I’m able order you around. You can call me Timely.

Nerditis Intern: How does a coffee machine have a gender?

…….Anyway, now that the exposition’s over, say hello to the nice people Lewis.

Nerditis Intern: That’s not my na-

Anything you’d like to start off with Carl

Nerditis Intern: Please let me go.

When we’re done.


Nerditis Intern: *Sigh* …..Okay, what anime is it?

Kill La Kill. I’d thank you to read the header for the article.

Nerditis Intern: But you haven’t written it yet.



Nerditis Intern: You started it–


Moving on…

Nerditis Intern: Ow…..

We’re in a bit of a rush Nick, hurry up.

Nerditis Intern: …so what’s it about?

Well, there’s this girl, Ryuko, she’s basically wandering about looking for info on who killed her dad, she makes her way to a school, and enrolls. The honor students have “Goku uniforms” that give them special powers, and she has to fight them to beat the boss and get info on her dad’s death.

Nerditis Intern: That doesn’t make any sense, so why should I care?

Welcome to anime, where screaming and showing skin makes you stronger.

Anyway, have you seen Gurren Lagann?

Nerditis Intern: No

Well, it’s made by some of the same people, just saying that as a bit of credentials. Just expect awesome action sequences, comedic breaks to brake up tension, And the occasional art shifts

Nerditis Intern: What’s the mood like? Setting and stuff?

Well, it’s action-y for starters. Despite what I said about her looking for her dad’s killer, so far it’s pretty laid back. It’s funny, the fight scenes are mixed with funny things and are over the top.

Nerditis Intern: How bout the characters?

Ryuko: The show’s heroine. She fights in a striperific sailor uniform and uses half of a giant scissor as a sword. She get’s embarrassed in that outfit and frequently saves Mako. Joined the school to find info on her dad’s murderer.

Mako: …I don’t know how to describe her, other than this; on the one hand, she’s innocent and cheerful, on the other, she’s insane and makes comments and reaches conclusions that would make Stoners call her weird. She get’s caught frequently and used as bait to get Ryuko to fight. She get’s hurt for comedic effect often.

Senketsu: Ryuko’s battle armor and school uniform. Living clothing that wakes up and activates when it tastes blood, causing her to wear a special glove that cuts her to use him. Blood thirsty in the literal sense, rather than in the fighting sense,

Satsuki: Student Council President, who may as well be an emperor considering she pretty much runs everything like one. She fights with a sword. Might know the who and the how concerning the death of Ryuko’s dad

Aikurou: Ryuko’s teacher. Messy tired look with glasses, Prone to do supermodel poses when he’s not wearing them. Knows about Ryuko’s dad

Nerditis Intern: I once saw a clip with a girl making a sea cucumber orgasm. I swear I’m not making that bit up, I wish I was.  Just tell me, how creepy does the fanservice get?

Are you taking about this scene by any chance?

Nerditis Intern: *Cries*


That’s not even the vanilla stuff, on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 2

….Anyway, to be honest, so far not so much. I mean, other than her costume, there’s not much in the way of fanservice. Sure there’s some nudity and jiggling in the transformation sequences, but nothing explicit. No hyper detailed camel toe or nipples that pop out through 3 layers of clothing. I mean, there is her teacher, but all he does is unbutton his shirt and pose like he’s in a sexy firefighter calendar.

That reminds me, I need to get calendars for rest of the Nerditis staff as New Years gifts….

Most of the fanservice-y aspects are played for laughs, this isn’t like queens blade where everyone is in battle bikini’s for no reason. Ryuko does not wear an outfit like that because she wants to. She just get’s forced into situations

Nerditis Intern: So your overall thoughts?

Well, for these, I try and watch the first 3 episodes to get an impression, and I have to say, I am impressed, I’m definitely giving the rest of the show a watch.

You can watch Kill La Kill on the following sites



Official Website

Nerditis Intern: So can I go now?

No, I need someone to give me their thoughts on a fanfic I’m working on, might as well use you for that…..

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