Life In Plastic: So, How Did I Do?

Happy New Year! Hey guys, remember when I posted about Toys I Was Looking Forward To This Last Year?  SO, how did I do?  Did I snag them all?  Did they live up to my standards?  What happened?  Well, time for… THE FOLLOWUP!


octavia-packaged Octavia Purchased and Reviewed. Mantenna-MOTUC Mantenna Purchased and Reviewed. Shokoti Shokoti Purchased and Reviewed.



Iron Man Mk. 42

I never saw this guy in any of the big box stores, and by the time I found him he was in a comic shop… and did not impress me enough for the secondary market price.  PASS! IM3_Mandarin_6_inch_Figure_Hasbro The Mandarin As far as I can tell, Trevor Slattery has not been released in action figure form.  PASS!


Official-Images-For-NECA-Aliens-Series-1-alien-warrior Alien Warrior Purchased and Reviewed. AlbinoPredator-Packaged Albino Predator Purchased and Reviewed. Predator-Trophy-Wall-Diorama-2_1362512280 Trophy Case Purchased and Reviewed… with a Followup! Nightstorm-With-Mask Nightstorm Predator Purchased and Reviewed. Knifehead Knifehead Purchased, Reviewed… and kinda disappointing. neca-bioshock-infinite-george-washington-patriot-figure Bioshock Infinite – The Patriot Just got this one in under the wire – mine shipped yesterday.  Review coming soon! I want.


BeetlePunk Universe of Violence Purchased and Reviewed… and now the line has been handed over to a new creator! gorewads-preview Gorewads & Other Ironhaus Offerings I have purchased and Reviewed a lot of these, but I am still playing catch-up! omfg-series-3 OMFG Series 3 Purchased and Reviewed. mordles-blue Club Mordle Purchased and Reviewed… with a Followup! skull-shackles Pathfinder Battles:  Skull & Shackles Purchased and Reviewed… and in the meantime, Legends of Golarion, the set AFTER Skull & Shackles, has come out! So, there you have it – I fulfilled most of my list, and the exceptions are wholly understandable.  2013 was an insanely good year for toys, and here’s hoping that 2014 does not disappoint!

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