Life In Plastic: The 2013 Golden Germs!

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Hello, and Happy New Year, everybody!

Nerditis isn’t even a year old yet, but it’s as good a time as any to give this a try.  There are lots of toy awards and “Best of” lists every year, including such greats as OAFE’s ToY award, and MWC’s Poppies (not to brag, but a certain somebody here may or may not be one of the Poppies judges again this year).  And so, Nerditis is going to have its own awards!  I understand that this is the first year out, and I will be posting (spamming?) this to a few different places.

HOW IT WILL WORK:  I will try to get feedback and votes for each and every category.  If I do not receive any/enough, then I will go ahead and post my own picks for the awards.  But you don’t want that, do you?  I mean, come on!  What do I know?  So what I’m going to need is feedback, feedback, feedback!  Give me info in the comments section.  Send me e-mails.  Respond on any of the various forum posts where I will be announcing this.  Do something!

Each category will have Gold, Silver and Bronze Germ awards, and the categories are:

TOY OF THE YEAR – What specific, individual toy was your favorite?  Or which one do you think contributed the most to our fair hobby?

BEST TOY LINE – Which series was the overall best?  Which line provided the best selection, distribution, and price?  Which one made you want to become a completist?

BEST COMPANY – Which company outdid the competition?  Who provided the best toys?  Prices?  Quality control?  Customer service?

BEST MALE FIGURE – Roughly 90% of action figures are dudes.  Which one do you think was the best?  This may or may not intersect with the Toy of the Year.

BEST FEMALE FIGURE – Roughly 90% of action figures are dudes.  Don’t let them take all of the spotlight!  Which lady was the best?  This may or may not intersect with the Toy of the Year.

BEST INDY TOY – Independent developers have expanded more and more every year, and they deserve recognition!  Which one really caught your fancy?

BEST MINI-FIGURE – The scale of 3″ and smaller provides limitless possibilities.  Which one was YOUR favorite?

BEST PAINT – Paint can make or break a toy.  Which one was your favorite?

BEST ACCESSORY – With rising plastic and labor costs, it is harder and harder to justify extra pack-ins with toys.  So let your voices be heard, and tell us which one was your favorite!  Which accessory was so good that you were willing to buy the toy just to get it?

BEST EXCLUSIVE – Every convention has its own exclusives. Which one made you want to fly out to a con and stand in line for twelve hours?

MOST IMPROVED – Did a problem get fixed?  A company turn itself around?  Tell me where you saw the greatest amount of improvement in 2013!

BEST INNOVATION – What new factor in the realm of toys sparked your interest?  Was it something like the way Skylanders merged plastic with video games (they are older than this year, sorry)?  Or perhaps a new mode of articulation?

BEST VEHICLE OR PLAYSET – This one is a catch-all.  What non-figure toy struck your fancy the most?  Prop replicas count here.

WORST OF THE YEAR – It’s not all fun and roses.  Sometimes toys fall apart, companies, lie, and things just go wrong.  What was the worst thing you saw all year?

Well, there you have it!  I can’t wait to hand out the gold, silver, and bronze germs – after all, Our Passion is Infectuous!

Nerditis Gold Germ Nerditis Silver GermNerditis Bronze Germ

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