Finally, An “Alien” Game That Feels Like An “Alien” Game!

In space, no one can hear you poop your pants explosively...

In space, no one can hear you poop your pants explosively…

Creative Assembly, the minds behind the excellent “Total War” strategy games, had decided to dip their toes into the horror genre with a brand-spanking new entry into the Alien franchise, “Alien: Isolation”. Now, before you run away screaming due to the lingering memories of the atrocity that is the previous entry into the franchise in the exact same manner as I do whenever somebody so much as mention “Dark Souls”, allow me to say this: this new Alien game will be NOTHING like the previous ones and is instead a return to form to the original feel of the original movie that started it all. In other words, more horror and less shooty action. JOYGASM!!

Don’t take my word for it: let the developers tell it to you straight.

I cannot stress how much of a brilliant idea this is, because ever since the 90s everybody seems to forget that Alien was all about horror and not space jarheads running and gunning with fancy weapons. It’s not about one tough guy gunning everything down like “Doom”, no, it was about surviving a bad situation with your life by using your wits and, well, running and hiding. Basically, it’s “Outlast”, but IN SPAAAAAACE!!

And considering my relationship with THAT goddamn game, I’ll most likely soil another set of perfectly good jeans come Halloween this year. -sigh-

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