Presenting: Not-Megaman’s Leading Lady…Not-Roll!

"-sigh- I give up."

“-sigh- I give up.”

As the so-called controversy died down and business is back to usual on the Not-Megaman camp, the Mighty Numbers (‘community’ to you, plebeians!) have finally come up with a face for ‘Call’, Beck’s partner and second half of the punny namesake (‘Beck & Call’, get it? Get it?). The voting process was something fierce, but three design finalists emerged before one trumps them all by a landslide. And the design that they decided to go with?



Say, you look reeeeeeal familiar…

Okay, yes, I’ll concede that it has SOME similarities to Roll’s designs, but at least there’s plenty of distinguishing features to separate Roll and this young upstart, right? Right?

Do you have a sister?


You know, at this point, I think Inafune is just rubbing it in on Capcom’s noses. Not that I blame him, though: those bastards deserved every single bit of that delicious, delicious karma, after all.

2 responses to “Presenting: Not-Megaman’s Leading Lady…Not-Roll!

    • Same mini-skirt, same robo-ho boots. Speaking of which, are mini-skirts and ho-boots back in fashion again?

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