Three-Or-So Minutes Of Glorious Bizarreness, Courtesy of Snoop Lion

Trust me: this isn't the weirdest thing you'll see in the video.

Trust me: this isn’t the weirdest thing you’ll see in the video.

It’s nice to see that we live in a kind of Golden Age of Nerds, where our top-grossing movies are about comic book superheroes and freely admitting that you play video games doesn’t automatically earn you a wedgie. Nothing is more uplifting than being accepted for who you are and to be given to the chance to lift your chin up to proudly smile and proclaim, “Ich bin ein Nerd!”. Once in a while, though, some of those formerly-oppressed nerds got too excited about their new-found mainstream status and let their nerd flags fly just a little bit too high.

And then things got weird.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m more than happy to see a mainstream artist unabashedly pay tribute to gaming icons like Pokemon and Gradius. It builds up street creds for the rest of us everyday nerds after all. But after seeing that video clip, I’ve got half a mind that perhaps Snoop Dogg, I’m sorry, I mean Snoop Lion, is not exactly the best mainstream nerd representative that we can come up with, especially with his tendency to get constantly high which I am BETTING you a month’s worth of salary that that was the case when he came up with the idea for this video. Catchy tune, though.

In other news, “Snoop Lion”? Really?!

2 responses to “Three-Or-So Minutes Of Glorious Bizarreness, Courtesy of Snoop Lion

  1. That video felt odd. Because whilst it was cool, it sort of had no sense of the games it was a making tribute to, like it was just borrowing the visual trappings.

    As for Snoop, I hear these days, that with his family and all he rarely touches the stuff- its all clean living for the most part. But hey, its all fun in the end 🙂

    • Everything that happened in the video just seemed random enough to make me think Snoop was doing some fairy dust when he made it. But then again, most music videos these days look like they were made by somebody on fairy dust, so I guess my point is moot.

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