FanFiction Friday: Six Year Anniversary, Week 2 – “Hot Night in NYC”

Welcome back to the FFF six year anniversary. This week, we look back at a story of bad lesbians.

It was a hot night in NYC, steamy and humid.  It was one of those nights when your clothing would stick to you and your hair clung to your forehead.  If you were male, you pit stains and a sweat-drenched ass to worry about.  Women, having more sense in the area of dressing for the weather, worried less about those than they had to about their tops showing their erect nipples.

Okay. I don’t even know where to begin.

  1. Since when does New York have hot, steamy, and humid nights?
  2. Clothes should not stick to you, nor should your hair cling to you. The only way this would be possible is if you had been sweating, and it was beginning to dry.
  3. “If you were male, you pit stains and a sweat-drenched ass to worry about.” Not really. Also, I find this strangely offensive.
  4. “Women, having more sense in the area of dressing for the weather,” This is simply not true. I know plenty of women with no fashion sense.
  5. “worried less about those than they had to about their tops showing their erect nipples.” Ladies, if your nipples are becoming randomly erect, SEE A DOCTOR. IMMEDIATELY.

Janine knew hers were showing.  Every glance thrown at them by men she was passing reminded her, and each brought a wicked grin to her face.  Not that she wanted them to look, she certainly wasn’t about to complain about the attention.  Every time a lust-minded dude locked eyes on the diamonds that now tipped her ample breasts made her increasingly horny.  By the time she had made it to Central Park, she could feel the pussy juice dripping down her leg.


She needed a good fucking, and now.

She needed a goddamn cork if her twat is leaking everywhere.

Janine was thoroughly enjoying the ogling, and would have happily screwed any one of them in a back alley right now.  There was just one problem.

Janine was a lesbian.

Okay, wait one fucking second. I can believe that Janine can be an attention whore. I can believe that while she likes having sex with women, she enjoys having guys drool all over her. After all, BrokeStraightBoys is still in business. But it is unforgivable to say she “would have happily screwed any one of them in a back alley right now.” I wouldn’t say that I would fuck any woman who drools all over the place at me, when I like dick. LEARN TO FUCKING WRITE YOU IMBECILE.

She had left the firehouse just for a walk.  The idea of a quick fuck had crossed her mind and disappeared just as quickly.  But now her pussy was aching, and she wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer.


Quite unintentionally, she found a group of prostitutes by a park gate.  They showed leg and cleavage equally, displaying their wares and awaiting the profit to come.

Even though they were prostitutes, Janine was hesitant to approach one of them.  They were expected to dress slutty, but Janine still had standards.

Oh, fuck you. You’ll have a back alley quicky with a random stranger, but prostitutes are off limits? Goddamn idiot.

Suddenly, she found her.  The girl was an angel, blond and fair.  Her enormous eyes were an icy blue, piercing and seductive.  Her breasts weren’t small, but also not overly huge, approximately a C.  Her mouth was topped by a pair of the most delicious lips Janine had ever seen in her life.

This is… an oddly specific looking person. Why do I get the feeling we’re looking into the Author’s personal life right now?

Every word she heard this woman speak, it seemed utterly filthy and suggestive, making Janine even wetter as a result.

OH MY GOD MORE FUCKING LEAKING. JANINE, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR VAG. Not that I’m an expert or anything. That just doesn’t seem normal is all.

Janine made up her mind and approached her.  “Hi there,” she said in her proud Brooklyn accent.

“Hey, sweetheart,” replied the angel.  Her voice was almost an orgasm in itself.  “What can I do for you?”

Is there such a thing as a female premature orgasm? I would genuinely like to know.

“That depends,” Janine said, trying to sound indifferent.  “What do you do?”

“Whatever you want, baby. ”  She winked as she said this.  She saw the potential client about to speak again and stopped her, running her hand up this woman’s leg and to her crotch.

Janine’s eyes widened as she felt the hooker began to slowly rub between her legs.  Stammering, “What do you charge?”.

The hooker smiled at her client’s reaction and increased her rhythm ever so slightly.  “$50 for a hand-job, $100 for oral, $200 for the full show; anal’s $50 extra. “

The only reaction I can give to this is to directly quote Rob.

“I wondered if the prostitute was blind for a second, and then I realized she’s got her hand up Janine’s hoo-hah at the moment, and should clearly feel her lack of a penis. So why the hell is she giving Janine her “normal menu”? Maybe the author could be legitimately mistaken that a “handjob” can also refer to a fingerblasting — although I’ve never heard of anyone making that mistake — but “full show” and “anal” is clearly referring to vaginal and anal sex, which Janine cannot possibly be asking for. Unless she has a strap-on. And is wearing it outside her clothes for the prostitute to see. Even then, I’d think if she wasn’t getting fucked with a real dick, the whore would provide at least a little bit of a discount.”

She began to finger this woman through her panties as she watched the woman struggle to process the pricing.  She could tell that the woman was about to come right then and there, which, surprisingly, made herself horny.  “What do you say, baby?”

Janine came. Hard.

The end. Sorry to waste your time.

It was by sheer miracle that she was able to be quiet enough not to draw attention to herself.  She felt a shower of pussy juice trickle down her leg and prayed it would stain the concrete.  Once she had come down from her high, she simply said, “Let’s go. “

Oh. Really? She already got her orgasm. Does she really need more? Was that just a free sample?

They went to the Sedgewick hotel and checked into a suite.  Much to Janine’s surprise, the girl had footed the bill for the room.  Evidently, she was high-end and could afford such prices.

Evidently, she was fucking autistic.

Her surprise grew even more when this woman requested that room service bring up a bottle of champagne.

Is this, like, reverse prostitution? Where they pay you to have sex? Or is this chick just really fucking dumb?

Once everything had been arranged, they boarded the elevator and ascended.

The room was on the 12th floor.  Fleetingly, the memory of the boys telling her how they had first captured Slimer here passed through her mind, bringing a quick smile to her face.  Once they found the room they opened the door, and Janine’s breath disappeared.

Everything was a subdued sand color, trimmed in gold.  The closet alone was at least twice the space that Janine’s work area occupied.  The lone bed was immense, easily a King, if not larger(Was that even possible?).  The bathroom had a Jacuzzi tub, as well as a separate shower.  All in all, everything was positively immaculate.

Who the fuck is this hoe’s pimp? ‘Cause dat muthafucka sucks at his damn job.

All Janine could say was, “Wow. ”

Janine heard her “date” for the night answer the door; the champagne, obviously but she took little notice of it.  She was still in her reverie when she heard her date walk up behind.  As the woman wrapped her arms around Janine’s waist, Janine froze momentarily, but relaxed as the woman began to kiss and lick her neck.

“You wanna do it now?” the woman asked, nibbling her client’s ear.

“God, yes. ”  Janine, unable to hold back any longer, suddenly turned and attacked the woman’s mouth.  The kiss was rough and wet, spurring them both on.  Each woman ripped the other’s top off, each exposing their partner’s massive tits.  Still horny from the park, Janine immediately went for the girl’s rock-hard nipples.  Gasps and pleasured moans flowed from the hooker’s mouth as Janine bit and sucked.  Not wanting her client to be left out, she began to play with the woman’s nipples with her hands as best she could.  The sensations from this made Janine even hornier, making her bite and suck harder.

The angel removed her nipple from Janine’s mouth and pulled her into a hard kiss.  “You wanna go down on me, baby?”


Janine had been waiting for this.  “Abso-fucking-lutely,” she said in a breathy whisper.

As her client knelt down, the hooker said, “I’m giving you fair warning, baby.  You’re in for a surprise. ”  She turned after speaking, so that her back was to Janine.  She imagined her client watching her as she peeled off the her panties, trying desperately not to tease.

Personally, if I’m going to pay $200 for sex, I’d like to know what I’m getting up front thanks. Er, maybe that was a bad choice of words.

Janine patience was close to gone.  “Hurry it up, sweetie.  I’m ready to have my face in that hot–Whoa!”

The hooker stood before Janine, naked as the day she had been born.  Her breasts looked as stunning as before, the nipples still very much erect.  But between her legs, there was a massive, fully hard and throbbing cock.

See, that is kinda why. Also, shouldn’t the penis immediately be a turn off for Janine?

The hooker saw her client’s reactions and her cock immediately began to soften.  “You must think I’m a freak.  I’m sorry,” she said glumly.  “I’ll get dressed and go.  You don’t have to pay me.”  She picked up her clothing and had turned to go when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Did that prostite whip out a surprise dick and, when Janine was put off by it, get all emo? WORST PROSTITUTE EVER.

“You’re not a freak,” said Janine.  “You just startled me, is all.”

“It’s more vein-y than I imagined a penis would be.”

She pulled the angel to her and her arms snaked around her waist, mimicking what she herself had felt earlier.  “In fact, now that the initial shock is over, I’m really fucking horny. ”  She slid a hand down to the cock and began to stroke it.  “And now, I want you to fuck my brains out.”

Janine, we officially kick you the fuck out of the homo-club.

Janine turned the woman around before kneeling and sliding her mouth around the cock.  It was sizable, easily 9 inches.  Janine moved her head up and down the length, taking in its taste, its texture.  She felt as though she would come just from sucking this girl off.  Her hand searched below this girl’s prick for a scrotum, but found, instead, a dripping-wet pussy.

Remember, this prostitute has no scrotum. That’ll come in handy later.

This gave Janine an idea.

With hesitation, Janine took the cock into her mouth all the way to her throat, simultaneously sliding a finger into this woman’s pussy.  The resulting moan was only one step away from a scream.


Janine looked up as she worked, watching the girl squeeze her tits as she was sucked and fingered.  Without warning, as Janine performed another deep suck, she held Janine’s head with both hands and screamed, her pussy erupting juices all over Janine’s hand, her cock shooting a massive load into Janine’s mouth and directly down her throat.


“Fuck!” the hooker yelled.  She felt Janine’s moan around her cock as she swallowed her cum.  She pulled her cock out of Janine’s mouth, and smiled.  It was evident by the look on her client’s face that she was shocked that it was still hard.

“Holy shit,” Janine said.  “You came that much and you’re still hard as a fucking rock!”

“Damn straight,” the hooker said proudly.  “And now I want it in your hot pussy, baby.  But first,” she said, beckoning, “Let’s go out to the balcony.  Don’t worry; no one’s gonna see you this time of night.”

The duo walked out into the night air.  Janine looked out across the cityscape, both hands on the railing.  She suddenly felt her legs being nudged apart, the tip of her partner’s dick poking against her slit.  This small touch sent electric pleasure throughout Janine’s entire body.  “Fuck me,” she said.  “Fuck me now, and fuck me hard.”

The angel happily obliged.  She shoved her entire length into Janine’s eager pussy.


The force brought forth a brief, but loud shriek from Janine.  The angel pummeled this woman’s pussy, her hips crashing against the client’s ass with every powerful stroke.  It soon no longer mattered that they were outside, that even if no one could see them they could still hear them.  All that mattered was the rocking fucking that was happening.

“Rocking fucking”?

The angel grabbed both of Janine’s breasts and squeezed, bringing even more pleasured moans from the woman.  In what seemed like mere seconds, both women were ready to come, and both knew it.  With one final thrust, easily the hardest, the angel plunged into Janine.  Both screamed their release, Janine’s pussy clamping down on the angel’s cum-spewing cock.  Both screamed and screamed again.


When it was over, the angel’s cock now limp, both staggered to the bed and collapsed.  Janine looked at her angel’s smiling face and allowed herself, as well, to smile.

“That,” Janine said breathlessly, “was fucking amazing. “

Angel=Female prostitute with a penis. Just wanted to make that clear.

“Hell yeah,” said the angel.  Then, affirmatively, “Ya know what?”

“What’s that?” Janine asked.

“No charge. “

She watched as Janine could only grin like the Cheshire cat.  “Hey!  I just realized something.”



“We never opened the champagne. ”  A brief pause elapsed before both women began to laugh.


Here‘s the original. Is anniversary month almost over yet?

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  1. Transphobia AND autistic as an insult?
    You make so fewer comments than Rob, how are your commentaries so much more dickish. I only thought I’d give yours a go because I can’t get on the TR archives any more but fuck it.

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