Hello Games Really Dodged A Bullet There!

This could have been gaming culture's Library of Alexandria incident!

This could have been gaming culture’s “The Burning of Library of Alexandria” tragedy!

Constant shitty weather caused a massive flood in the Guildford, U.K. area where the Hello Games office was situated, causing the developer to lose a good amount of developer tool kits and computer hardware as well as other extensive damages to their property. For one particular humble developer who had the eyes of the gaming world when they announced what could possibly be the most insanely amazing sandbox game ever to undergo this scale of disaster, we are very, VERY lucky that they seemed to have managed to bounced back.

In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that something like this could be likened to the burning of the Library of Alexandria that caused us to lose, oh, just about EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE ANCIENT WORLD, except instead of a group of drunken rowdy shitheads in togas carrying torches and catamites, it was Mother Nature’s turn to put on the Asshat Hat this time around and went to town.

"Why? Because FUCK YOU!" - Mother Nature

“Why? Because FUCK YOU!” – Mother Nature

To prove what a super, super lucky break this was, here is an interview conducted by Edge with founder Sean Murray. In it, Murray expressed his own disbelief when the game world, that array of zeroes and ones that he and fellow mates created, actually behaved in a manner that he simply did not count on. In other words, the good folks of Hello Games have created an actual living, breathing digital world that adjust itself just like the real world would, and all of that would’ve spiraled down the toilet just because it’s Mother Nature’s time of the month.

Think about how lucky we are when this game is finally released, because we came very, VERY close to losing it forever!

And then you can go back to blowing each other up in space.

And then you can go back to blowing each other up in space.

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