The Northern Dead

As promised in last week’s Weekly Time Waster, The Northern Dead returns to bring you the latest trailers for the upcoming second half of season four.  Now if you need a little refresher as to where we left off after the traumatizing event that was our mid-season finale, first you can check out my review here (link The Northern Dead) but basically the prison has been overrun by walkers and the group has been split in a few different directions.

  • Glenn was on the bus with the rest of the sick and elderly which left once the shit really hit the fan.
  • Tyrese was off to find the three rogue kids/Carol protégés who weren’t on the bus.
  • Sasha, Bob and Maggie were late to catch the bus and ended up running off into the woods but Bob is shot and Sasha is still sick from the mysterious illness that hit the prison during the first half of the season.
  • Daryl and Beth run off together which could mean they grow closer together.
  • Rick and Carl, who’s heads are still stinging from the alleged loss of Judith, are off in the woods but Rick is not even close to healthy thanks to the run in with the Governor
  • And Michonne is being Michonne, alone and with no back up we assume.

So what can we expect for the second half?  Well we have two small trailers that show a quick glimpse into what we can expect.  A lot of character driven stories as the group tries to find each other again.  Check them out below!

And you can check this one out for the great use of CCR!!

Well hopefully that should be enough to tide you over until February.  If you have any thoughts on what may be coming for our group let me know in the comments below!  Don’t forget to check out our other friends here at Nerditis and keep your eyes open for the next Weekly Time Waster and Tales from the Northside!

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