Life In Plastic: The 2013 Golden Germs (Update#1)

Nerditis - Golden Germs Banner

Well, it’s been a few weeks, and I have started to see feedback!

Let me reiterate why feedback is important:  I do not collect every toy line.  For example, I have no Transformers.  Therefore, info from people with different (and in some cases wider) toy experience than I is something I value.  Anyway, based on feedback, here are the current nominees.  These represent what other people have said, not my own picks.  I will add those later.

TOY OF THE YEAR – Castle Grayskull, Abominus Combiner,  Fall of Cybertron Soundwave, Transformers: Generations Waspinator, Transformers: Generations Rhinox, Spider Gremlin

BEST TOY LINE – Masters of the Universe Classics, Skylanders Swap Force


BEST MALE FIGURE – Jungle Extraction Dutch Schaefer, Star Wars Black Boba Fett

BEST FEMALE FIGURE – Elizabeth (NECA Bioshock Infinity), MOTU Classics Castaspella, Walking Dead Michonne, Chell

BEST INDY TOY – Mystical Warriors of the Ring, Hell House (Ironhaus), Crotchy the Inappropriate Martian

BEST MINI-FIGURE – Lego Aquaman, Blight (Transformers), Mystical Warriors of the Ring Kayin Kungaa

BEST PAINT – Hicks (Aliens), Hudson (Aliens)

BEST ACCESSORY – Young Justice Batman’s batarangs, smoke bomb, and building diorama with a grotesque.  Fall of Cybertron Soundwave’s tapes, MOTUC Kowl

BEST EXCLUSIVE – NES Jason, TRU-Exclusive Skylanders, Target-Exclusive Cindersaur, Target-Exclusive Abominus, SDCC MOTU Mini-Masters He-Man vs Skeletor

MOST IMPROVED -DC Collectibles, McFarlane Walking Dead

BEST INNOVATION – Crowdsourced/funded toys, Skylanders Swap Force


WORST OF THE YEAR – Hasbro is killing GI Joe, playmates cutting corners on quality and paint, Digital River being just as bad as always, NECA’s Team Fortress 2 figures having poor quality control


So, if you have anything to say… say it!

One response to “Life In Plastic: The 2013 Golden Germs (Update#1)

  1. Boba Fett IS great, but the sandtrooper and greedo are both MUCH better. I’d call “sandy” the best of the year. Great figure plus dreams coming true!
    Jungle disguise Dutch might be the best figure NECA has ever made!
    The imaginext blind bags are great too. If I had to choose one it would be the luchador. He’s wacky fun! They also made an incredible black manta and sub.

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