Meanwhile, In Another Release That We Actually Cared About…

*Joyous squeal*

*Joyous squeal*

Good news, everyone!

As if sensing that you are all still lamenting the fact that that “Attack On Titan” game for the 3DS is still not seeing any release date on the west anytime soon, D3 Publisher came through with an alternative for all your giant-killing needs: “Earth Defense Force 2025” is slated for a February 18th, 2014 release with a launch day DLC all rip and rarin’ to go, with two more expansions to follow right afterwards. And because I’m certain the god-awful E3 trailer for the game would put you off this wonderful little gem for good, allow me to post the Japanese trailer instead for the ‘Fencer’ class that paints the character as a ‘Samurai of the 21st Century’:

I know, it’s awesome right? Sure, it might lack the finesse of hurtling through the air on a pair of steel wires and stabbing a giant naked, skinless lady on her spine with a pair of adamantium swords or whatever the hell those things are supposed to be, but in this game, you can ride in a giant mecha to shoot a giant spider in the face. I will repeat that: YOU CAN RIDE IN A GIANT MECHA AND SHOOT A GIANT SPIDER IN THE FACE!!

*joyous squeal*

*Joyous squeal*

Best. Game. EVER!

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