Oh Yeah, This Game Is Still Happening, Isn’t It? Hm. Yeah.

Apathy, thy name is "Lightning Returns".

Apathy, thy name is “Lightning Returns”.

So yeah, a quick reminder that the supposed-final chapter of Final Fantasy XIII, “Lightning Returns”, is due for a western release in February 11th, 2014. This should be exciting news for all the seven people out there who still held a candle of goodwill for Squeenix due to Final Fantasy VII. As for the rest of us, commence sarcastic sneer!

Or just, you know, any expression that is devoid of emotion whatsoever.

Or just, you know, any condescending expression that shows a lack in enthusiasm, really.

In case you’re still interested or hoping against hope that this would actually be a good game, here are the links for the downloadable demo versions for the XBox 360 and one for the PS3 for you to try out yourself. Me? I’ll just be sitting over here smugly sipping my cup of tea and waiting for Sleeping Dogs to be released…before ducking out quickly to the game shop to obtain a physical copy of the game come launch date once I’m sure none of you were looking.

Because I’m a moron.

Pictured: Me.

Pictured: Me.

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