Well, THAT Escalated Quickly…

*mad cackles*

*mad cackles*

Apparently after discovering that Microsoft had entered the running for the “King Douchebag of the Asshole Galaxy” title, King.com decided that it would have none of that and stepped up their game. Kotaku reported that the company has filed for a “Notice of Opposition” against Stoic, a three-man indie developer formerly belonging to BioWare who are applying for a patent for their very colorful strategy game, “The Banner Saga”. The reason?

The game has the word “Saga” in the title.



I swear to God, I don’t have the time nor the energy left to make up shit like this. The most baffling piece on the mad king’s claim is of course the part where they claim that The Banner Saga was “confusingly and deceptively similar” to Candy Crush Saga. Oh, oh, right, of COURSE! THAT makes perfect sense! Because I could TOTALLY see how THIS:

…can be confusingly and deceptively similar to THIS:

Especially if you’ve just landed on Planet Earth from FUCKING BIZARRO WORLD!! Mother of FUCK I need a drink!

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