Lightning Returns *GASP!!* Might Not Be So Bad, Afterall



I know, right? “INCONCEIVABLE” and all that 80’s movie reference. But before you storm Nerditis HQ with pitchforks and torches and demand I be crucified right here on top of the game desk, allow me to post this latest gameplay trailer for this game:

All of that is done in real time. That means no turn-based, no wait order, and while there is still the traditional Final Fantasy swirly effect to transition from the World Map to the Battle Map, the battle itself was designed to be as high-tension and action-y as possible, probably enough to distract us from other ugly issues bound to rear its head with this one.

If I must snark on something, I suppose it’s the fact that Squeenix finally discovered that in order to make Final Fantasy XIII successful, they have to do what Namco Bandai have been doing with their “Tales of” series all of these years. Pretty derpy if you ask me, because if that’s what they wanted then they should’ve copied Namco’s success when the first FFXIII was released, instead of now when their lone female protagonist is tasked to clean up the mess THAT game made.

"Oh, you meant 'cleaning'? I thought you said 'killing'."

“Uh, yeah, see this outfit? I don’t clean.”

4 responses to “Lightning Returns *GASP!!* Might Not Be So Bad, Afterall

    • They deserved it. Also, that’s just the point I was trying to make: the battle system of the game looked epic enough to possibly distract us from any problem this game might have.

      • I can’t help but agree with that (put the fanciest of things upfront so that the mistakes won’t be noticed, I believe this happened to me when I bought the incredible hulk on the wii which is the biggest mistake of my life >_<)

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