X-men Epic gets 25 Exclusive covers on Empire Magazine


Empire Magazine scored a unique opportunity to reveal the style  and looks of the main characters from the upcoming Singer Epic Days of Future Past. Including the first clear full look at the Mutant Hunting Sentinel Robots.


Of the 25 covers, 13 have been revealed over on the Empire page


and surprise Logan already has 2 covers, these people aren’t stupid. Hugh Jackman is topless on one. They know who butters their bread. wait that’s a gross analogy when talking about shirtless men. never mind… distract with the image!


I know it’s not the topless one but I didn’t have access to to that one yet sorry.

Looks to me like Joss Whedon is going to have some competition for Geek overlord if this movie is as good as the pictures Bryan has been sharing look.

I for one, would welcome them both  into my Thunderdome. Fight it out see who come out on top! Joss has all that experience killing Vampires but Bryan looks Wiry.  2 men enter Marvel Wins!

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