Comic Book Storytelling: Miracleman #2

Welcome back to another Comic Book Storytelling look at Miracleman.  I know this one is coming to you a bit late.


So the Miracleman #2 reprint from Marvel comics came out last week and I had a chance to pick it up and read it.  As I said last time, this is the first time I have ever read Miracleman but I know a bit about the story based on what I have heard from other people.  In this issue Miracleman is fresh off of getting his powers back and remembering the hero he once was.  He then gets a convenient phone call that informs him that one of his sidekicks is still alive.  However he quickly realizes that this is all a trap and his former sidekick has gone insane with over the top evil.  I knew ahead of time the Kid Miracleman was going to be one of the main villains of he series, I did not know it would happen right away.  Its kind of amazing how much tension and dread they are able to pack into just a few pages.

It seems like Miracleman has been defeated and we get a To Be Continued before things suddenly shift to another story taking place in the near future.  For some reason Miracleman is traveling back in time to fight himself at different points in his history so the energy can be collected for some reason.  That reason turns out to be Kid Miracleman who is still around and still doing evil stuff.

Once again there is extra content in the back pages.  Most of it is similar to what was in the first issue.  I found the most interesting bit to be some of the conept art for Kid Miracleman’s villainous reveal.

I will be back again when the next reprint issue of Miracleman comes out.

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