WTF Is Wrong With The Gaming Industry These Days?!

*mad cackles*


Still reeling from all the stink King was raising? Well, my friends, reel some more! The Escapist reported that recently FUN Creators, the makers of the point-and-click mystery adventure title “Guise of the Wolf”, had recently entered into mortal combat against online reviewer TotalBiscuit who had critically panned their precious little creation with the subtlety of an elephant dancing the Swan Lake. The latest word here is that FUN Creators demanded that not only TotalBiscuit took down the video, but TotalBiscuit’s entire channel as well.

Artist rendition.

Artist rendition.

The major claim that FUN Creators made was that the negative reviews were “copyright infringements”, to which I say WHAT THE HELL?! HOW can a review infringe on copyrights when critiques are clearly covered under “Fair Use”? Are they just pulling shit out of thin air to prevent people from saying bad shit about their, well, bad shit?

Editor's Note: No, we are NOT showing the readers a literal bad shit, Rick!

Editor’s Note: No, we are NOT showing the readers a literal bad shit, Rick!

And on that note, here’s a tiny little rant: what the fuck is wrong with the gaming industry these days? Seems like everybody is more invested in the drama than the actual games themselves. It wasn’t that long ago when a developer created a massive stinker that they would at least have the decency to bow their heads in shame when being called out for it, before moving on to the next project that hopefully could make amends for their errors.

Nowadays, the developers’ battle cry is “I’ll sue you!” whenever they were being called out, in hopes that would deter any naysayer from saying nay nay instead of admitting that they messed up. So I have to ask: since when did videogame developers think they are campaign managers for presidential elections instead of a bunch of writers and artists and programmers who should have been more committed to providing quality entertainment for the masses above everything else?

Sorry for that opinion-blasting. Here, have a kitten!

"Y u so madz?"

“Y u so madz?”

For more mudslinging, head on to the twitter account of FUN Creators where both parties are seen going back and forth as of late. Me? I’ll just be over here with my pall Murtaugh drinking something strong while reciting this line:

"And I'm late for my hip-replacement surgery!"

“And I’m late for my hip-replacement surgery!”

4 responses to “WTF Is Wrong With The Gaming Industry These Days?!

    • That always gets to me: the blurred lines between “creativity” and “industry” in the words “creativity industry” is getting blurrier by the day. As a result, we have to deal with this crap today.

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