Hey, all!  Remember last year, when I went all bonkers and excited about toys that turned out to be awesome?


Well, since I didn’t get to go, I’ll be trolling from The Fwoosh for pics and info.  Yay, Fwoosh!

NECA is doing a lot of amazing stuff.  Let me try to summarize: Upcoming Predators will involve another Kenner wave, as well as figures from the Bad Blood comics (and that Elder, finally).  As for the Kenner wave, I love how Cracked Tusk looks, and I see that they made Renegade more greenish than the old figure – this is good, as the old figure was just a Jungle Hunter. They also hinted at a Kenner concept Predator named “Viper.”  And on Twitter, they commented possibly doing Scarface from the Concrete Jungle video game, which got me GIDDY.

More Pacific Rim? Yes! And BETTER Pacific Rim, too!  I am looking forward to the new Kaiju, which supposedl will be better than the ones in Series 1 and 2.

There will be a giant robot Benjamin Franklin from Bioshock.

Aliens is also getting awesomeness, wtarting with Kane and Dallas, and then moving on to Bishop and…andandand…aaaand THE DOG ALIEN FROM THE THIRD MOVIE!!!!  The third movie is not very good, but not the worst in the franchise.  And I did like the monster in it.  Oh, yes.  And a Power Loader.  A Power Loader.  A Power Loader.  A Power Loader.  But no RIpley, ’cause Sigourney Weaver does not like action figures.

Yes, Virginia, Diablo III is getting its monster.

Also, Planet of the Apes got more previewed stuff.  It looks pretty good, and you’ll probably hear more eventually.

Next up: Mattel!  Mattel has more or less been improving its game since previous years, so how about this one?  Well, to start with, DC Universe is going out with a bunch of repaints and one brand-new Mxyzptlk.

But we’re really here for He-Man, right?  And with the reveals, we’re getting one “new” non-classic figure: Light Hope.  He looks awesome, though.  There will be a Princess of Power min-sub that I may or may not pick up, as well as dudes like Rio Blast.  Loo-Kee will be a “Chase” figure like last year’s Spirit of Hordak (ugh), and they also dropped a pretty massive hint that Eldor is coming, too.

Funko isn’t just doing Game of Thrones – expect Magic: The Gathering figures, too!  Wait, no Serra Angel?  No Shivan Dragon?  No monsters?  Why?

From Hasbro, it looks like G. I. Joe might actually get some product for its 50th anniversary.  Yeah, right.

Also, new Transformers stuff looks shiny!

And the new Marvel material… well, there’s a lot more than you can see in this link.  I am interested in that Guardians of the Galaxy Iron Man, though.  Is he going to be in the movie?

And finally, Star Wars Black finally gets its Vader!

WAIIIIT!  it’s not over yet!  Bridge Direct has apparently responded to my lament of The Hobbit‘s sad and lonely death by declaring that they will find a way to at least finish up the dwarves, and maybe make a Smaug, too!  Thanks?

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