The Northern Dead

Welcome to another recap of The Northern Dead.  And man was this a powerful week!  We finally receive complete answers with what happened to the rest of the prison gang.  I guess my prediction that we would spend weeks on this were nicely dashed so without further ado let’s get into this with a breakdown on where everyone is.  As we know, Michonne, Rick and Carl are nicely tucked away in a house.

We open with Beth and Daryl running from the prison being chased by walkers.  The scene included a voiceover of a letter Beth wrote prior to her leaving the prison, the letter talks about having faith and hope and never giving up which is a major theme of this second half.  I wish they stayed with these two longer because the two of them being opposites of each other would have been a great full episode.  Instead, Beth convinces Daryl to begin a search for anyone from the group.  Unfortunately Beth is going to be sorely disappointed when all they find is more death and destruction.  There screen time ends with them heading off into the woods by some railway tracks.

Coming back from break we find Lizzie and Maykala (?) walking through the woods with Tyrese…and that’s not all…Little Ass-Kicker (Judith) is alive and well!!  She isn’t dead like in the comics or like I really, truly thought had happened.  This is another segment I think I could have done with a full episode.  A large chunk of their segment reveled that Lizzie is not really taking this disintegration of society very well.  Early on she begins with killing small innocent bunny rabbits then in a scene she starts to smother Judith because she wouldn’t stop crying.  As a father of a little one, I can tell you my skinned crawled during that particular scene.  But this reveal of Lizzie’s character plays secondary to the return of Carol!  Carol comes across the kids in the woods and helps everyone.  But the long awaited confrontation of Carol and Tyrese will have to wait because Rick honestly never had the chance to tell Tyrese so he doesn’t know yet.  Carol lies about where she was during the prison fight but we all know that lie will not hold up for long.

We get another follow up, this time with Sasha, Maggie and Medic Bill.  Maggie is a one woman wrecking crew.  Her only concern is to track down Glenn because she saw him leave the bus and she knows what direction it was going.  Sasha is being a little more practical by trying to convince Maggie that shelter is probably more important right now but there is no stopping her.  Medic Bill wasn’t really helpful because he was just going with the flow and didn’t offer too much to keep the group together.  They come across the bus but it is overrun with walkers.  Maggie insists that she clear the bus and see that Glenn is dead before going into survivor mode.  As predicted, Glenn could not be found and Maggie snaps by going into hysterics when Glenn is not found.

We enter the last 15 minutes to get the last of our prison group.  Glenn wakes up surrounded by zombies and a burning prison.  At first I was pretty thrown off because I had no idea what timeline we had fallen into and seeing him there made me think we went to mid prison fight before he was put on the bus.  It turns out he “left the prison bus when no one was looking” which was a pretty convenient plot hole to allow this segment.  But the reunion train didn’t end because Glenn who was on his way out from the prison, he stumbles past Tara who we remember is the lesbian sister who watched her girlfriend, sister and niece get killed at the prison raid, just sitting there.  Glenn, not knowing who she is grabs her and they head away from the prison.  It was during their escape that Tara admits that she was part of The Governor’s group and that Herschel is dead.  Glenn takes the comment in stride and tells Tara, you will help me find Maggie and maybe Tara can look at it like redemption for the poor decisions she has made.  The episode ends with the arrival of some long awaited characters from the comic, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene.

I would give you some quick hits and points from the week here but I think I gave all my thoughts that are pretty important to this week’s episode.  So that has been “Inmates” and has been a great clean up of some lingering questions most of the group could’ve had their own episodes but these quick hits were pretty good.  Moving forward from here and judging by previews coming up there is a small time jump because Michonne, Rick and Carl look like they have a good thing going in their small town.  But my two lingering questions I have is what will become of this town that Carol and Tyrese found and how will Glenn and Abraham get along and convince the prison group that they all belong together.  Make sure you check out my other friends here in Nerditis and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Tales from the Northside, Weekly Time Waster and next week’s The Northern Dead.

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