FanFiction Friday: Carl from The Walking Dead in “Carl Learns To Take Charge”, Part 1

Oh hai pedo-necrophilia!

Carl was now 13, in the world before, his time would have been spent
jerking off and discovering his fantasies and attractions, in fact in a
parallel universe carl would be at this very second having sex for the
first time with his shy slightly plumby next door neighbor. as it was in
this world though, carl was much too busy for the thoughts and occupations
that usually accomppany a boy of his age. where he should have been
thinking that beth looked particulary cold and didnt wear a bra this
morning, he was instead going over in his mind all the routes in and out of
the prison. where he should have had a bird eyes view of maggie bending
over to grab her bag he instead was too busy counting how many zombies now
roamed the front area and by how much they had mutliplied since last night

Okay, seriously it was a joke, please don’t skull fuck a zombie.

   that isnt to say he did still have his urges he would have to be
blind not to get a good view of beth when she changed shirts, or of maggie
when her shirt would get wet after doing laundry. heck he even looked at
glenn on the rare occassion he walked around without a shirt. he wasnt bi
or gay, at least he hoped not


it was just anything at this point would
excite him, the party was used to each other and their close proxiity
allowed for alot of openness , it wasnt unknown for a member of the male
sex to walk around with a semi or a full blown boner in the morning, carl
was lucky that he was still small enough to be able to hide his in the band
of his boxers, at least that way no one would think he was too small.

Wait, wait. You think that no one would think that you’re small because you hide it? That’s dumb as shit. Also, if it is so small that you can hide it in the waist band of your boxers, it is too small. Sorry.

everyone knew that actually it was just easier to pretend not to notice as
to not embarass the boy. rick, his father, especially liked to walk around
with his full mast showing. he even let it fall out “accidently”
sometimes. it wasnt huge, daryl was huge. for some reason daryl was shyer
then carl and non of them had seen him naked. however on rare occasion he
had stripped to his underwear, the bulge was huge, bigger judiths head

Oh dear, I see where this is going.

carol seemed to salvate all over him after she first saw it. actually so
did beth and maggie.

There comes a point when it’s TOO big, fanfic writer. Heh, heh, comes.

And yes, I apparently am twelve.

much to glenns dismay. carl knew why, heck everyone knew why, if carl had
ever heard the sterostype about asians having small penises he would have
believed it. glenn was tiny, his underwear barely bulged and when he walked
around with a stiffy he arched his back to make it seem bigger. still carl
could tell it was small. it was actaully around the same size at carls at
4.5 inches and he wasnt done growing yet, carl was always filled with a
desire to touch it just to see if it felt the same too.

Are we sure that Carl’s not gay? Just checking.

the group had actually managed to jerry rig one of the shower rooms to
work. it ran cold water but at least it was water. the schedule would be
women first while the men guarded outside, then they would flip. on this
particular day carl and the men were showering later then usual and the
women went off to get dinner ready. most of the men showered quickly and
left. it was down to carl and glenn.

Yep. The asian and the child. We’re going there. You have no idea how drunk I wish I was. But all I have are Mike’s Hard. Fuck. My. Life.

glenn and maggie had been fighting for weeks and carl knew he didnt want to
go back and have anothe argument. glenn keep glancing over at him. carl
wasnt sure why, but he was enjoying the shower and didnt want to get out

Nope. Nothing I can say. This pretty much makes fun of itself.

ahhh fuck it, he heard from glenns area, look carl i need to jerk off real
bad, you dont mind if i do that do you

Dude. That’s… that’s weird. Never, ever ask a thirteen year old if its okay to jerk off. Just, no.

Also, yes, it will be hard to tell who is talking, because the author NEVER USES QUOTATIONS. Fuck this guy.

carl looked over at glenn, what?

you dont mind right, glenn had already started


carl was staring at what glenn was doing with his hands, jerk off? what
do you mean

That’s just, spectacularly dumb. I knew what jerking off was when I was nine. If Carl has no idea what it is at thirteen, he’s probably mentally retarded.

it was glenns turn for confusion, what? oh come on your thirteen, dont tell
me you have never jerked off

I agree with the creepy Asian. Sorry.

carl shook his head clearly a bit embarrassed by his lack of knowledge

oh wow, err ok well its when a dude gets a boner and plays with himself to
achieve orgasm

Yes. That was a sentence. Muttered by fucking Glenn of all people. Truly, the author has captured the essence of these characters. Fuck this guy.

carl still looked confused

ok look ill show you but if you tell your dad im a dead man so mouth shut

I was about to say that this is dumb, but then I remembered Shane, and I cried at how accurate that sentence was.

carl nodded and mimed zipping his mouth closed

glenn went at it bending his knees a bit he jerked off fiercely closing his

carl had come closer and was now standing beside the asain man watching him
do it. it wasnt long before glenn busted and spewed all over the wall to
carls surprise

We’re SURE that Carl’s not gay?

wo that was amazing carl said genuinely impressed

yeah it was glenn said like a douche, hey listen you really didnt know what
jacking off was?

carl said nope

wow glenn said taken back

why is it weird that i didnt know carl asked afraid of the answer


a little, i mean by the time i was your age i was doing it 3 times a day
sometimes i would wake up in the middle of the night just to have a session

wow carl said i didnt know

well i guess being couped up with a bunch of older people since before you
started puberty probably buts a damper on discovery, ill tell you what, i
know its weird to talk to ta parent about this, so how about if you have
any questions feel free to ask me

Nope. I can’t. Any joke I make here would feel unnecessary. It’s that dumb. Fuck this story.

you sure that would be to weird carl asked

dude i just jacked off in front of you glenn returned i dont think it would
be too weird for anything right now

Why? Why does this exist? I’m pretty sure it’s just to piss me off, but I’d like to know for sure.

he laughed and walked out

carl finished his shower with questions swirling about

Like, “Why did that asian guy jerk off in front of me?”, or “Why does the author not know how to punctuate anything?”.


What the fuck is this shit?

it was two weeks before carl got glenn alone enough to ask questions.

they had both pulled gaurd duty and were comfortably sitting in the
watchtower above lookng down on the slowly growing hoard

And I’m slowly growing bored, so it works.

were going to have to thin them out again glenn remarked offhandely

carl agreed and they sat in stony silence for a few minutes before carl got
up some nerve

I know which nerve. I wish I didn’t. But I do, and here we are.

hey glenn?

yeah? whats up

well i was just going to ask…. how exactly do you have sex, i mean well..

That’s a good question, one the author clearly doesn’t know the answer to.

glenn got uncomfortable fidgeting around. oh well. you see… a man and
women get together and the man sticks his penis in her and basically they
grind together and move their hips until the man spurts. i mean thats one
way to..

what do you mean one way to? is there more, carl asked curious

well yeah.. i mean technically you could do anal, basically the same thing
except sticking it up her butt. its how the gay guys do it. also
technically stuff like blowjobs. handjobs, eating a girl out are all
considered sex.

That depends who you ask. Also, there are lots of homosexuals who don’t enjoy anal. Fact check your shit, goddamn it.

blow job?

err yeah its when a girl or guy sucks another guys dick to simulate sex
with the mouth.

Have you never even gone through anatomy 101? How are you this dumb?

oh wow how does that feel?

….honestly i dont know, maggie refuses to do it, and she is my first
sexual partner

i wish i could feel what ifeels like. too glenn said before they lapsed back into silence

Just do it, we all know where this is going.

carl was thinking perverse thoughts, mainly about getting blown by
different people. first beth then maggie, even daryl made an
appearance. his mind finally landed on glenn doing it and he looked over at
the soft skinned asain, the man was staring out trying to forget the
embarrasing conversation. carl really wanted it to happen and glenn was the
closest target

but how? how would he convince glenn to do it. he was pretty sure glenn was
bisexual so straight up asking was out. pleading probably wouldnt work
either.appealing to his nice side and asking him to help out might work. he
couldnt force him not with the asain actually getting some muscle lately
and learning to scrap. blackmail, the word formed in his mind like a gaint
neon sign. he would blackmail it into him. he would just need to get some
leverage on him, but what

I’m out of angry gifs, otherwise I’d just post another here. Plus, I doubt they’d accurately portray my hatred of this story.

it hit carl again, he already had it. glenn jerking off in the showers, he
had said himself that his dad would kill him if he found out.

carl concentrated on keeping his voice steady when he turned to glenn and
said loudly

I’d make a joke about this being out of character, but after S4bE1, I don’t think anything is out of character.

hey glenn suck me off

what? glenn asked smiling thinking carl was joking

i said give me a blowjob

Truly, this belongs with the works of Macbeath and Hucklberry Fin.

the smile faded, im not giving you a blowjob dude thats gross.

do it or ill tell my dad you jerked off in front of me

dude grow up, glenn got up to leave


carl had to fight hard to stay cool and not freak out,

ok then ill tell my dad, im sure he will be thrilled

glenn had stopped in the doorway, dude seriously stop playing this isnt

no its not, carl barked back, now are you going to do it or not

Here’s an idea: grab Carl, and just walk into the Hoard. Kill yourself, before you commit more pedophilia, since Carl is already scarred for life. It’s best for all involved.

no its not, carl barked back, now are you going to do it or not

…glenn just stared at him in mixd feeling

carl decided to go for broke, he stood up dropped his pants and underwear
and sat back down spreading his legs as far as possible

glenn came back into the room fully, your really going to make me do this?

carl just smiled

you little shit

just do it already glenn

I don’t even know what I can say anymore. This is just awful.

carl watched in victory as glenn got onto his knees in front of him
gagging a little

carl was hard and playfully slapped glenn on the cheek with it.

glenn glared at him before slowly ingulfing carls rod all the way to his
sparse pubic hairs in one gulp

it was a passable blowjob, not the best ever but for carls first time it
was accetable. carl last maybe two minutes blowing before he could warn
glenn not that he would have. glenn to his credit swallowed it before
getting up and walking away.

they didnt speak for a couple of days

Frankly, I’m just surprised Glenn didn’t blow his brains out.

carl was hooked he liked what had happened not only the blowjob but the
feeling of the power he had over glenn. he wanted to try the full thing
now, he really wanted to jump beth and just fuck her in the kitchen one day
but he knew he needed practice. again glenn sprang to mind, he didnt see
why his first time shouldnt be with someone he knew he could get and
control. so he decided to go for it

the next time the guys were in the shower again, again everyone left. it
took glenn a minute to realize he was now alone in the shower with carl, he
quickly turned to leave. but carl had purposefully chosen the shower by the
door and now blocked his way.


im not sucking you off again asshole, glenn challenged

i wasnt going to ask you to, carl said walking closer now inches from him,
their naked bodies dripping water

carl reached up and planted a kiss on glenns mouth. he wanted to practice
this too and glenn was basically his practice dummy now, at least that is
what he had decided last night. glenn broke away and wiped his mouth


sick dude, you have problems

no i dont

yes you do, i dont care if rick freaks out im going to go tell him right

he stopped in mid sentence as carl had reached out and grabbed his dick
tugging it to shut him up.

shut up and lean over


i said bend over


Yeah, fuck consent.

carl slapped glenn in the face

look glenn you could either listen to me and do it or ill find a way to
make you do it. and when im done ill go find maggia and show her what an
actual guy can do

glenn was holding his cheek staring at carl in disbelieve,

“I can’t believe the pre-pubescent thirteen year old rapist slapped me! The creepy asian pedophile! How rude!”

DO IT! carl said fiecely managing to sound like his dad and shane at their
most demanding

with out another word glenn bend over and found himself staring at the
tiles on the floor

he heard the patter as well as saw carls small feet as they walked behind

he felt carl right begind him and felt carls hand run themselves over his
both his thighs coming to rest on his back

he couldnt believe this was happening even when he felt something foreign
nudging at his hole, he set his jaw hard as he felt it slide in slowly, he
counted himself lucky that carl’s dick was pretty thin compared to an adult
his size but still it hurt, it felt much bigger then carls 4 inches.

carl took it halfway out and slammed it all the way back in hearing a
discomforted grunt escape from glenn, he liked the sound so he did it again
and again to imitate it slamming back and forth,

he felt himself getting close he pulled out and walked around finishing
himself in glenns face, he walked out barely turning around to say

you know your my bitch now right?

The end of part one. There’s seven chapters, I’m only doing three.

11 responses to “FanFiction Friday: Carl from The Walking Dead in “Carl Learns To Take Charge”, Part 1

  1. … What. The. Fuck… I will NEVER be able to watch the walking dead without thinking of Carl as a fucking rapist.

  2. I’m dying, oh my god I’m dying. Not sure if it’s the horrible grammar or the gifs. where’s part to? I ship BethxCarl but CarlxGlenn-oh my god, I’m dying.

  3. I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m dead. Wtf is this shit. THIS AUTHOR IS TRYING TO CORRUPT MY SMALL CARL FUCK YOU AUTHOR!!! FUCK YOU!!

  4. Well i mean it is fucked up you did read the story so dosent that make you fucked up as well? Im just saying

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