Comic Book Storytelling: Red Sonja #7

The first story arc of Gail Simone’s Red Sonja is done and a new one has begun.  If you read my previous installments about this new Red Sonja series you will know that I did not care for that first six issue story.  I stand by that opinion and I am glad that it is over.  So what about this new story?


I already love this new story arc.  Red Sonja has been hired by a dieing emperor to help him gather a group of the worlds greatest artisans so he can throw an awesome party before his death.  First on the list is a chef being held hostage by swamp cannibals.    She almost gets ambushed by the cannibals early on and distracts them by basically offering to have a threesome before killing one of them with a roasted rabbit.  The gourmet obsessed cannibals are kind of goofy and work great as one off villains.  It is fun to see Red Sonja totally unfazed by gruesome cannibal kidnappers and killers but when she finds out that the chef cooks things in beer thus ruining its drinkableness that offends her.  Anyway it turns out the chef does not actually cook humans, he has instead been cooking lizard monster people.  Then the lizard monster people come looking for revenge and in the carnage Red Sonja is able to make her escape with the chef and complete her first task for the emperor’s party.

This new story arc is only on its first issue and its already way better than the first one if only because we get to see Sonja without all the unnecessary emotional backstory baggage she was saddled with in the first arc and she is free to be her excellent badass self.  I will keep on reading this series and I will keep reporting on it here.  See you all next week.


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