Nintendo Really, Really Wants You To Buy A WiiU

X marks the spot in-DEED!

X marks the spot in-DEED!

Sometime in 2011 in the halcyon days of the Wii’s life cycle, Operation Rainfall was launched to bring forth three of the greatest JRPG to the Western audience as a way to say goodbye to the little system that could. Among them was Xenoblade Chronicles, a little-known gem that mixes between open world with RPG mechanics, and boy did it deliver the goods! Fans of the genre rejoiced, claiming that it was a “return to form” for JRPGs, one that was immediately forgotten when Final Fantasy XIII was released.

Fast forward to 2014, Nintendo decided to recreate the magic by offering us “Project X”, a spiritual successor to the Xenoblade throne. Considering that it has pretty big shoes to fill, how does Monolith as the developer decided to tackle this very, very tall order of fulfilling fans’ expectations?

With mechas. Lots and lots of mechas.

Be still, my heart.

Pictured: me.

Pictured: me.

Everything about this game just felt right. The epic scale, the flow of combat, and most importantly, the freedom to switch in and out of A GODDAMN MECHA!! IN A JRPG!!

I mean, Jesus CHRIST! How come NOBODY decided to follow up and copy the Xenogears/Xenosaga formula up until NOW?! You’d think as producers of mecha animes and JRPG, Japan would’ve done the math and cross-sectioned the demographics for the easiest cash-flow ever! Has too much tentacle porn made you go blind?! What the hell, Japan?!

In all seriousness, I am now seriously re-thinking my stance of not buying a WiiU after this reveal. If you are a fan of mecha (of course you are) and open world games (sure you are), you might want to consider the same thing.

"Yeees. YEEEEES! Give in! Give in to the dark side!"

“Yeees. YEEEEES! Give in! Give in to the dark side!”

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