Save A Tree From The Comfort Of Your Smartphone

Something else on my body is rising...

Something else on my body is rising…

The “Seiken Densetsu” or “Mana” series was one of those games that Squaresoft, oh I’m sorry, “Squeenix” seems to have amnesia over in favor of more dress-up games. With gems like the “Saga” series or “Parasite Eve”, it’s sometimes baffling why Squeenix would constantly go to the same well over and over again until there’s nothing there but the dried-up bones of a dead hobo. So then, a new Mana game is definitely a welcome reprieve, right?

Well, sort of.

Rise of Mana will be a smartphone game that follows the story of an Angel and a Demon who fell from their realm by accident, and must share the same body in order to exist in the human world. They were then forced to cooperate in order to find their way home, travelling to strange places and battling fierce monsters along the way. While it is certainly the kind of old-school charm that the Mana games are known for…



…it is also a free-to-play game. And you all know what that means? That’s right: micro transactions. Micro transactions EVERYWHERE!



I don’t know how to feel about this. While it’s true that there are games that handles micro transactions well enough not to cause us to delete the game from our smartphone before proceeding to toss the phone into an open fire, fresh is our memory still regarding how you can’t advance past certain levels in Candy Crush Saga without tossing a handful of money to the online store. And oh yeah, King is a douchebag.

I suppose we’ll see how this plays out if this game ever make it to the western shores, because right now it’s only slated for Japanese release on the Android and the iPhone. Keep your wallets close though folks: this is gonna be a bumpy ride.

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