Oh Sweet Mother of Jesus Have Mercy! (Contains Plot Spoilers)

Didn'a tell yew to hide yo wife and yo kids?

Didn’a tell yew to hide yo wife and yo kids?

We all know that South Park is both topical and juvenile, and anything put out by series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are bound to push the envelope in some way. You only need to look at the Superbowl ad for the game to realize just how far they’re willing to go for comedy, not to mention the ever so hilarious censor screen for certain scenes of the game for certain regions. But this one, well, this one just takes the cake:

That is Mr. Slave, one of what the traditional turn-based RPG would call as a Summon Monster, and his ability is to cause damage by SHOVING A GODDAMN KINDERGARTNER UP HIS ASS!! HIS ASS, PEOPLE!! A GODDAMN KID!! UP HIS ASS!!

I won’t lie to you: I laughed my TITS off when I first saw that happened. And then I felt like the worst possible human being on the face of this goddamn planet.

And then I laughed some more.

Comedy. GOLD!

Comedy. GOLD!

South Park: The Stick of Truth is available now in the U.S. for the PS3, XBox 360, and the PC via Steam.

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