Japan Also Wants You To Relive The Battle Scenes From “Braveheart”

I didn't realize Dolan was royalty in Japan.

I didn’t realize Dolan was royalty in Japan.

NIS, of Disgaea fame, had just recently announced that they are bringing over “Battle Princess of Arcadia” onto the Western shores “late this year”. The game has been dubbed as an Odin Sphere-inspired 2D beat-em-up Action RPG, with a dash of Dynasty Warriors tossed in for good measures. Here’s how it looks like when you take control of Princess Plume and her allies to rip the invading monster armies a new asshole:

While the degree of moe-inspired characters might turn off the so-called “hardcore” players away to sprint to the nearest FPS, it’s nice to see a return to form by a genre thought to be long dead. Alongside Double Dragon Neon and last year’s excellent (and prude rage-bait) Dragon’s Crown, there seems to be so much hope for the Beat-Em-Up in that developers are wising up to the idea that sometimes what we needed was not more chest-high walls and grim-dark tragedies that made Macbeth look like a goddamn comedy.

Sometimes all we need is pure, chaotic fun. Oh, and fantasy female characters who don’t dress like strippers who are two dollars short of a full outfit.

"Gee, you think she's compensating for something with that crown?"

“Gee, you think she’s compensating for something with that crown?”

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