The Next Penelope Could Be The Next Leading Lady of Gaming

Definitely better than "America's Next Top Model", at least.

Definitely better than “America’s Next Top Model”, at least.

Co-founder of Arkedo, notable for the obscure but uber fun Big Bang Mini for the DS, Aurelien Regard had just started on a solo project called “The Next Penelope: Race to Odysseus”. The best way to describe this game is “like a top-down, classic version of F-Zero, but with boss fights”. I’ll let Aurelien explain it himself with this video:

So the story of the game is influenced by the “Odyssey” written by Homer (no, genius, not the Simpsons one), only set in space and instead of waiting patiently for her husband Ulysses to come home like a goodly wife should, Penelope decided to strap on her space suit, jump into the nearest space fighter, and travel the cosmos in search of him.

Despite the fact that I suck at racing games, I kind of dig this premise. It has been a while since we have a solid female character that doesn’t dress like a stripper coming up two dollars short of paying for a full outfit, and since Team Ninja has butchered Samus Aran’s personality so bad that damage control needs to be taken, I’m all up for a female space racer who can kick all kinds of ass on the same level as Captain Falcon.

Without that RIDICULOUS outfit, of course.

Without that RIDICULOUS outfit, of course.

Aurelien’s blog can be found here, just in case you’d like more update straight from the source. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to wish upon a star for a space version of Titus Andronicus.

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