And Now It’s Time For A Healthy Dose of NOOOOOOOPE

I think that's Japanese for "Noooope"

I think that’s Japanese for “Noooope”

Frictional Games, creators of the ever so nope “Amnesia” first-person horror games, are busy in the works for the alpha stage of their next title simply known as “Soma”. The game is planned for both the PC and PS4 release, and Frictional had just released a teaser/environment demo trailer titled “Theta”. Bask in the creepy atmosphere if you dare:

I’ve always admired the skills it take to craft a well-balanced horror experience despite being a, well, you know, coward myself. Paraphrasing the great Prophet of Vitriol Yahtzee himself, a good horror game is one that tosses you a sandpaper to wax your junk with and cheered you on as you obliterate your future children literally with your own hands. The greatests of the genre do not make you fear their monster: they make you fear the monster living in your imagination, and oh boy did Soma managed to do just that in spades.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to poop my pants preemptively in preparation for this game.

All that's missing from this potential man-rape scene is the banjo music.

All that’s missing from this potential man-rape scene is the banjo music.

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