Comic Book Storytelling: Miracleman #3

Welcome back to our Comic Book Storytelling look at Miracleman.  I have a vague understanding of the overall story based on what I have heard from others but I have never read Miracleman myself before these Marvel Comics reprints.  I will share my impressions with you here.


Miracleman #3 continues the battle between Miracleman and his sidekick turned psychopath Kid Miracleman.  At the end of the previous issue it looked like the battle was over with the villain winning so he goes of to kill Miracleman’s wife Liz.  But of course Miracleman was not really defeated yet and comes to save her and keep fighting.  And by fighting I mean getting his ass kicked.  Kid Miracleman has spent years using his powers and getting stronger and the only reason he does not finish of our hero is because he basically defeats himself y accident.  Kid Miracleman is so drunk on victory that he accidently says Miracleman’s name thus reverting to his human form, a very scared and emotionally damaged kid.  During the fight he get some relevant bits of info.  It turns out the only reason Kid Miracleman has been working in secret and not just conquering the world is because he was worried that Miracleman might still be alive.  Now that he knows he is stronger than his former mentor he has nothing holding him back.  We also get to see some hints about something called Project Zarathustra and the military men behind it.

With his enemy now trapped in the body of a catatonic boy, Miracleman and Liz take some time to examine his powers and try to understand how they work.  There is an interesting hint that maybe his powers actually come from mind over matter.  Is it possible that the only reason he has these powers is because he believes he does?  They also address the physical different between Miracleman and Mike Moran and it almost sounds like they might be two different versions of the same man from different universes that are somehow interlocked with each other.  I remember hearing that the series deals with parallel realities later on so this might be some kind of foreshadowing.

Also in this issue we learn that the accident that left Miracleman with amnesia was actually an attempt by the military to kill him and his sidekicks.  Now that they know he is still alive they send a guy called Mr. Cream to find him and kill him.  Mr. Cream is kind of awesome for just how weird and creepy he comes off as.  He seems to be some kind of special hitman and for some reason he has false teeth made of blue sapphires.  By the end of the issue it looks like Mr. Cream may have succeeded in killing Mike Moran thus ending Miracleman, but since this is only the third issue I am guessing he will survive somehow because I know there is more story to come.

The extra content at the end of this issue is a reprint of a story about beings called the Warpsmiths, some kind of interdimensional protectors, one of which appeared in a story with Miracleman in the extra content last issue.  It is okay but my god the character designs are some of the most garish 1980’s things I have ever seen.

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