“It’s The Car, Right? Chicks Love The Car”

Honestly, I was banking on "Arkham Planet".

Honestly, I was banking on “Arkham Planet”.

Rocksteady has announced the last and final chapter of their Batman games, christening the swan song as “Batman: Arkham Knight”. Smart move to quit while you’re ahead, I believe, because we’re simply just not ready for “Arkham Universe”. Here is the reveal-slash-announcement trailer for the game:

Yes, yes, I know: it’s not representative to the game to put in a movie sequence for the promo trailer no matter how awesome the concept is, but let’s be fair here. CVG has reported that the game will feature a drivable Bat-Mobile, and a city five times the size of the one you run around in Arkham City. Considering all of the above, it’s perfectly acceptable for Rocksteady to show just a cut-scene trailer for now, since they OBVIOUSLY have a ton of very, very tall order on their plate.

In related news, “Arkham Knight” is apparently the name of the primary villain of the game, but who cares about that because OH HOLY SHIT!! A CITY BIG ENOUGH TO DRIVE A BAT-MOBILE IN IT?! Looks like Watch Dogs have some serious, serious competition for that coveted “Game of the Year” throne this year as well!

Who cares about hacking the obstacles when you can just ram THROUGH them?

“Hacking? Bitch, I’m the goddamn Batman!”

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