FanFiction Friday: Carl from The Walking Dead in “Carl Learns To Take Charge”, Part 2

Sorry about yet another fucking absence, but I was having some internet troubles.

Anyway, I decided to only do two parts, and this is chapter 3. In chapter 2, Carl rapes Glenn into submission, Maggie walks in, Carl does the same to her. Not really important.

Carl hated his father, he never had any real reason to say that before, but
his dad had invited the remaining members of woodbury to the prison. the
place was now overrun with elderly men and wome, most of whom seemed to be
appalled that he was allowed to carry around a gun. any justic in the world
his father would have come to his senses and left them to die. it was
already draining their limited supply of food and medical supplies. it had
caused a strain on the original groups relationships and carl couldnt get
his father to see the light.

Yeah, fuck those mostly innocent people. They are harmless and haven’t done anything to you, but LET’S KILL THEM ALL.

not to mention the sexual problems, carl had found it hard enough to sneak
away with either of his two sexual slaves when it was just the small
group. now that the number equaled closer to 30 and every bed in the cell
block was full it was damn near impossible, carl had managed it three
times, the first two were ok with him able to get off and slip back into
the group wihtout anyone noticing. the last time he barely had time to get
out of his clothes and order glenn and maggie to do the same before he
heard the familiar voice calling out to him through the hallways looking
for him, they barely had time to redress and pretend to be looking for
supplies before danny walked into the room.


	danny was carl's bane. he was one of the few kids who had been in
the woodbury group which numbered 11in all. of all the kids a total of six
numbered within four years of carls 13. the rest younger some so young they
still couldnt walk. the six kids included danny who was 12, shawn a young
11 year old boy with a lean toward being too prissy, jon a mopheaded
redhead full of freckles at13, mandy a blond haired girl of 10, adam a
black kid with brown hair of 12, and his older brother aaron who although
he looked almost identical to his brother was actually 14. carl found them
all annoying, they had somehow glued themselve to him, they though of him
as some cool zombie fighter who just awesome in every way. and made him de
facto leader of their little group, even if he tried everything possible to
have nothing ot do with them. the adults thought it was cute, michonne
thought it was was nice he had found some friends his own age. his father
had the gail to look at him with a sense of pride for being a leader.

If by leader you mean rapist…

danny was the worse of the group though, even when carl would manage to get
the others off his back danny would latch on harder. the kid would follow
him no matter what he was doing, whether it be gaurd duty, scavenging, or
even laundry. it had gotten to the point where carl had actually considered
letting the zombie finish him off once when they were out scavenging and
one took him by the shoulders and tried to take a chunk out of him. carl's
conscious won out and he saved him anyway. danny had seen him hestitate and
ignored him for a blissful two days before coming right back to his
annoying ways.

So, I’m supposed to hate ALL the characters, right? Like Game of Thrones or Dexter? Clever.

having the gang around was not without its disadvantages, they
would often share any candy they had found while scavenging. and carl
couldnt say he completely hated the adoration all the time. and since they
were about the same age no one in the group minded if a member went into
the ner of wherever they were hanging out to have a quick wank. even going
so far to knock an empty can over if an adult was approaching. carl didnt
mind the extra set of eyes when he needed to rub one out, but it wasnt the
same as having glenn or maggies holes to use.


it was doing one of this time he was allowing the gang to hang out with him
after duties that he noticed something odd, danny had gone to corner with
the penthouse jon had found in one of the cells and carl was silently
listening to adam drone on about how he had killed his first zombie that
morning, when out of the corner of his eye he realized danny had craned his
neck around and was staring at carl still beating it. carl used his
preriferals to make sure, danny was indeed watching him while jerking
off. it all fell into place that danny wasnt following him around out of
admiration but out of a crush, much like he used to follow beth around. he
quickly jerked his head around to look at danny, but the perv had gone back
to facing the wall so fast carl wasn sure he wasnt seeing things.

Oh, signs of semi-consent? Really?

not long after carl excused himself from the group, his mind was
whirling with thoughts. honestly he had never thought to use a member of
the gang for his sexual needs before. they were so much younger then glenn,
maggie, or even beth if he could ever get her. but they too were into
sexual feelings. didnt their special corner prove that? and if danny was so
into carl why would it be such a bad thing to allow the kid what he wanted?
carl also realized how precarious the situation was, if he brought this up
to the wrong member of the gang they would immediately run and tell an
adult and more then likely glenn and maggie would then also spill their
guts leaving carl in a very bad situation. he needed to be careful.


back in his bunk with his dad snoring above him he planned it out, he
wouldnt approach shawn who had grown much to close to his grandmother and
told her everything. and mandy was to fond of beth following her everywhere
much like danny did to him. plus her age made her a little to young for
carl to consider. adam and his brother aaron were definite maybes, they
were the ones in the corner the most often and had been known to go to the
corner together once in a blue moon when the mood struck them. jon the only
true wildcard. he was the same age as carl, and would often make sexual
innuendos about everything, but he was the only one to almost never use the
corner, and he seemed very shy about his past.

Is this a Pedophiles thought process? This is genuinely terrifying.

carl decided he was going to go after adam and aaron, jon, and of course
danny, but he needed to get one of them on his side first, someone who he
could completely dominate into helping him subdue some of the stronger
members of the gang. danny was the obvious choice, the only problem was
getting the kid to follow, the first step would have to be making sure the
kid was actually interested. that would be easy enough.

Easy enough. RAPE HIM!

carl awoke two days later to his dad shaking his shoulders telling him to
get some breakfast an that his was the first guard shift that day. carl got
dressed in a hurry before exiting their cell through the cloth door that
blocked everything going on inside,one of several arbitrary rules the older
ladies had demanded to insure the children didnt see aynthing they werent
supposed to. they were the reason carl and the others could no longer walk
around in their underwear and had to spend two laborous days constructing
plywood privacy stalls in the showers, not that carl or anyone else wanted
to see their wrinkly asses anyway. still before the rules of shame ( as
they were informally known) carl could have easily just met danny in the
showers and shown himself in full glory to test the younger lad, now he
would need to get inventive.


the four hour guard shift lasted longer then it usually did. his mind
reeling back to the promises that afternoon might hold for him. it would
have gone faster if glenn was up here with him, but the asian had taken to
walking the grounds instead of helping carl in the tower, he knew if he was
up here carl would be watching nothing but his body wraithing below
him. that was all fine with carl as he had new prey to go for later.

Hahaha it’s funny because GLENN IS A SEX SLAVE. TO A PRE-PUBESCENT CHILD. Somehow.

the shift ended and tyrone came to releave him. he was off like a bolt. he
made for the still abandoned part of the prison, making sure to be
accidently seen by danny from a distance. sure enough the younger boy had
gotten up to follow him before he was even out of the commons area ignoring
the questions from his elderly caretaker.

Well, that was just rude, really. At least be kind to people you’re likely to everntually rape.

carl took it slow once he entered the facility, partially to be wary of
zombies and partially to let his prize catch up. which he did about five
minutes later. carl had to fake annoyance

Really, it took him five fucking minutes? Is he in a goddamn wheelchair?

“what are doing here”

” i came to see what your doing” the younger boy answered a little

” dammit, just go back to the cells, im trying to do something”

” cant i come along? just this once” the boy pleaded in an annoying voice

” you come along almost every time, but fine” carl pretended to give in. ”
just stay close and be quiet”

Shortest argument ever.

“Can I come?”
“But I want to!”
“Fine, you fucking whiner.”

the last part was an actual warning as the boy knew, staying right by carls

they reached their destination with only a small incident with a lurker,
quickly dispatched. they reached the room, it was an old locker room for
the guards, a small shower indented about a foot into the floor was built
into the right wall parallel to the left which held lockers and a bench ran
smack dap down the middle. the shower drain had been clogged long ago and
carl had turned the pipes on until the floor of the shower was covered in
about ten inches of water, he had found the room and made all the
preparations last night.


he wasted no time in springing his trap. he “spied” the random billy club
he had placed in the shower earlier, he pointed it out to danny and said
his father would want them to get that to bring it back. he told danny to
wait while he retrieved it stepping out into the water he waded out to the
melee weapo picking it up. as he turned to go back he purposedly turned
hard making himself accidently fall into the water soaking himself and his
clothes straight through

he got up gasping from the cold water danny was on the edge looking athim
his face torn between worry and hilarity. carl didnt say anything until he
had made it back to the edge handing danny the weapon and pulling himself
out and shaking out his hat.

DAMMIT CARL YOU GOT JIZZ WATER ON THE HAT! Now your father really will kill you.

” are you ok” danny asked his voice quiveirng with pent up laughter

” shut up” carl said irratated, he had not expected to land that hard, it
had hurt and the water was alot colder then he had expected as well. still
he forged on with the plan.

” my clothes are soaked, my gun is probably waterlogged too”

danny had began to ask carl what they were going to do, but carl noticed
his voice had stopped as soon as carl started lifting his shirt over his
head, the silence continued as carl sat on the bench to take kick off his
shoes and peel off his socks

it wasnt until carl had began to unbuckle his belt and slide his jeans down
his thights that danny thought to ask what he was doing

Really? What was he doing before that? Just enjoying the show?

carl gave him his best are you serious look before sliding his jeans all
the way off throwing them onto the bench with a wet slap. ” what does it
look like im doing, my clothes are soaked and there is no way im walking
through a darkened hallway maze full of zombies in wet clothes, were just
going to have to stay here until their dry.”

But the floor is flooded. How the fuck are they supposed to dry?

he was down to a set of dark blue boxers now, they were wet too and clung
to his body giving danny an interesting site. carl was a little
dissapointed when the other lad didnt instantly tent his pants and do a
wolf whistle, but the other boy was obviously a little flustered he was
blushing and carl could tell he wanted nothing more then to be able to hide
his crotch so it wouldnt reveal his feelings.

” do me a favor and close the door danny?” carl asked


the younger lad went to the room door and closed it. while he was doing so
carl had stood up facing him and let his underwear fall with a wet slop to
the ground stepping out of them.

danny turned around the view of a fully naked carl. carl could hear the
sound of the gulp from across the room but chose to sit down on the bench
pretending to be annoyed at the situation. patting the bench next to him
for danny to sit down,

“Ugh, it’s so awful that my plan to rape you has worked!”

the younger boy did a little nervous. carl started off talking about random
things, the gang, what danny thought about the group in general. all things
designed to get him at ease, which worked as danny stopped stuttering and
answered questions normally. then carl kicked it into high gear. he asked
danny directly if there was anyone he had a crush on, of course danny lied
and said no, which did not surprise carl.

In case you forgot that they were twelve, there you are.

carl started talking about his first crush, beth. he started out innocently
enough talking about how he first met her and what she was like. eventually
he got into the heavier stuff, describing what she looked like when she
wasnt wearing a bra, and how her boobs looked in the tiny flashes he had
seen through the bars when she was getting dressed. as he was talking he
began to silently play with himself, not full on jacking but enough
prodding and movement to get himself to his full attention.

danny was staring at it, carl could see out of the corner of his eye, and
the kids own lap was making movements of its own. carl knew he had him
then, he pretended to look away and looked back just in time to see danny
doing a quick adjustment of his lap to make it less obvious.

I’m sorry, what fucking reality does the author live in that people do this. Because clearly it’s not the same as the one I live in.

” you like it dont you” carl asked suddenly nodding toward his dick

”, i was just imagining beth is all” dannys voice came out in a the
voice of someone who knew they had been caught

” its alright you know, im not going to tell anyone” carl answered in the
rehearsed speech he had gone over in his head for an hour ” its not like
anyone else is here to see it anyway. besides im pretty sure you do”

” no i dont” danny insisted

“I just get hard watching you jack off!”

carl didnt say anything else, but he reached over and grabbed his crotch
hard. which freaked danny out. the younger lad tried to struggle but carl
was bigger. he managed to pin dannys chest against the lockers while using
the other to unzip his pants. the younger lad was using his hand to try and
swat carls away from his crotch and kee his pants up, it was not much use
and carl managed to get a hand in bring the other boys erection out the top
of his underwear and unziped jeans.

the lad stopped struggling to cover up his exposed rod which gave carl the
oppurtunity to pull his jeans and underwear down this ankles

Please don’t try to imagine the position they’re in. You’ll just go insane.

” move your hands danny” carl barked in his authorive voice he usually
reserved for glenn. the younger boy did nothing but shake his head. so carl
tried a different tactic. he stood up and kissed the boy, not hard but it
was enough to shock the boy into putting his hands on carls chest to try
and push him off a bit. it was enough and carl managed to grab his
hands. putting them above the boys head and holding both wrists with only
one hand.

he looked down at both their erections side by side. the boy was smaller of
course at around 3.5 ” your not as big as me well that will come with age,
but your obviously just as excited. so why are you fighting me danny?” he
looked up into his prizes eyes with the sentence, danny was blushing again
and almost crying it seemed.

” its wrong, i dont want to be like that”

” like what?”

” someone who likes other boys”

” your to wraped up in labels” carl said smiling at him while playing
poking him in the chest with his dick ” im not only into guys myself i like
girls too. this doesnt mean anything danny, it just means i turn you on”
carl squeezed his dick for emphasize causing danny to whimper a bit. before
carl stepped back letting his hands go

“maybe i was too rough, and im sorry if i was. but like i said before no
one has to know what happens in here. why dont you take off the rest of
your clothes?”

“I’m sorry I tried to rape you, let’s have sex.”

danny looked at carl with a weird expression of mixed emotions. carl was
worried, this was not part of his plan, he had wanted to come in here get
them in the situation there in and take advantage for a quick fuck, letting
danny decide wasnt not part of it. but he oddly wanted the younger lad to
want it too now.

for a brief seconds of panic as danny reached for his pants carl thought he
planned to leave, but the younger lad reached past and took off his shoes
and socks pushing his pants off with his feet. carl smiled and was met with
a smile

he brought him over to the bench and laid down telling danny to get on
top. the youth did but in the wrong direction, carl gave him a playful
grind with his crotch and told him to turn around.they were now face to
face with each other dicks.

Worst discription of 69ing EVER.

” just follow my lead” carl announced taking his younger prize into his
mouth, the youth tried to follow and carl had to slap his back hard telling
him no teeth, after that they settled into a rhythm. danny was not a bad
cock sucker carl thought to himself, he seems to be getting into it at
least. it was true the younger lad was trying his hardest to please
carl. despite getting his own first blowjob. after about a minute and half
danny seemed to be getting to excited and literally started fucking carls
mouth, his hips buckling widely into the air.

carl tasted the watery salty semen almost as soon as the danny starting
crying out in pleasure. carl pushed the youth the floor wiping his mouth in

“what the fuck!” carl almost yelled

What the hell did you expect to happen?

” im sorry” danny said looking up from the floor massaging his knee where
he slammed it into the locker ” i couldnt help it, are you mad?”

” dude your came in my mouth, thats my job” carl said so angry he wasnt
sure what he was saying

” im sorry! ill let you cum in mine” danny actually lookd sorry

” i dont want to cum in your mouth,… i tell you what why dont you lay
down on your stomach”

the younger boy got up without question and did as he was told to carls
approving stare.

he let the younger lad wonder what was going on as he walked on the cold
floor over to a locker. inside he had stashed some lube he had found on a
scouting mission and some rope incase he needed it. the lube was enough and
he walked back over.

Scouting mission to where? A sex shop?

the bench squeaked a little as carl sat on it. and danny was able to look
back enough to see carl smearing his dick with some weird lotion. he looked
back to the front and moments later he felts something weird and cold in
his buttcrack. he jumped and yelled when he felt something enter, only to
have carl admonish him for being such a big baby over one finger. he felt
it wiggle around and then he felt the next one enter. he bit his lip this
time trying to be brave and the wiggling stopped. he felt carl withdraw his
fingers and his ass had a sudden odd breeze of cold air before he heard the
bench shift and carls weight was over him. he entered fast causing danny to
scream from the pressure alone. carl began to fuck him hard and fast
grunting with the effort. the bench squeaked with every push. danny reached
a hand back but it was swatted away by carls who took his hair in one hand
on put another on his back for support plowing into him as hard as

Yep, Carl is raping the nameless kid from the beginning of season four. Fuck. My. Life.

carl let go into his new sex slave with a groan of pleasure slowing down
and stopping panting like crazy. danny had his face into the bench with his
eyes closed and remained like that as carl popped out of him. he got the
younger lad up and made him sit in the water. danny freaked out a bit when
a little bit of blood diluted around him but carl told him to shut up and
it would all be fine.

he also explained the new situation to the younger boy and how he would now
be at carls every beck and call. as suspected danny agreed to carls orders
without question.

they needed to get back before they were missed too long but carls clothes
were still wet, so they waited, carl sitting back happy and sastified,
danny a little tender and cowed over. carl had him two more times before
they left the room. once just after danny made the mistake of presenting
himself as he reached down for underwear. the last time was just after
carls clothes were dry and they wer leaving, carl pulled him back inside
the door and pushed both their pants down enough to have another go

I will admit to laughing a little at that last line.

Anyway, sorry if I seem of this week. I am currently suffering from a flu.

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