Comic Book Storytelling: Captain Marvel #1

It can be hard to get a good impression of a comic book from its first issue.  That is why I usually give a series until the second issue to decide if I will keep reading it and to gauge it for reviewing.  The new Captain Marvel comic series does a good job of setting a tone right from the start.  Before we get into that I would like to talk about the character of Carol Danvers and her recent history as Ms. Marvel and now Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel 1

This is the third series starring Carol Danvers in the last few years.  Back when she was still Ms Marvel and still in her black leotard costume she had her own series.  It was pretty good but I stopped reading it after Marvel’s Civil War event.  I stopped reading a lot of titles after Civil War because that is how angry I was at Marvel for subjecting fans to such a crap story.  We can get into why Civil War was so bad some other time.  Anyway not long ago Marvel Comics decided to turn Carol Danvers into the new Captain Marvel.  I have always liked the character and it was great to see her get this much deserved title.  Unfortunately I did not like the new series very much.  The first issue was really slow and then the first story line involved her somehow going back in time to World War II.  Really?  They were trying to brand her has Marvel Comics top female superhero and they started it off with a WWII time travel story?  Furthermore the series tried to cram an unnecessary ensemble cast of apartment building neighbors into the story… and then she got amnesia.  I did not pick up the series again until I heard it was ending in favor of a brand new Captain Marvel series once again starring Carol Danvers.

This new Captain Marvel title has only had one issue out and it is already awesome.  It opens with a flash forward to Captain Marvel on some alien planet with a crew of weird aliens doing something that seems to go completely wrong.  Don’t worry it is way more entertaining than I am making it sound.  Next we jump back to “six weeks ago” with Captain Marvel and Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes, former War Machine and current Iron Patriot, hanging out in the sky above New York.  They are intercepting some object from space that contains a green alien girl from the opening scene.

In other events Carol now lives in the Statue of Liberty for some reason, also the little girl from her apartment building and the girl’s mom are living there with her.  While these things seem a bit random at first I can get behind them.  Every hero needs supporting characters and Kit and her mom are a good place to start.  We get a brief appearance of the rest of her former apartment building cast at a birthday party near the end.  Then Carol and Rhodey go outside and make out.  Again this comes out of nowhere but once again I can get behind it.  As far as I know neither of them have had much in the ways of personal relationships.  Well there was that one time Carol dated a guy that turned out to be an undercover Kree agent.  There is a plot throughout the issue about Carol deciding she wants to go into outer space and it gives just the right amount of set up for things to start moving forward.

If this first issue is any indication this series is going to be great and I encourage everyone to pick it up.

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