Not-Megaman Isn’t The Only Thing Inafune Has Cooking Up In The Kitchen

Although he is similarly pretty blue.

Although he is similarly pretty blue.

With all the buzz surrounding Not Megaman, it’s easy to forget that Inafune is also busy in development with other IP for Inti Creates. Case in point: “Azure Striker Gunvolt”, an action-shooter-platformer starring a boy with a gun powered by his psychically-generated blue lightnings. Let’s see how the gameplay looks, shall we?

Hmm…long blonde hair tied into a single flowing string and wields a gun. Saaaaaay, haven’t we seen this guy before?



WHAT THE HELL? Not just Megaman, now you have to create a Not-Zero too?! What the hell, Inafune?!

Ah well, I guess on the flipside, he’s only ripping off himself, which is a pretty huge goddamn improvement considering some developers are more than happy to rip-off other people just to fill up their own coffers. Plus, the game looks kinda fun, so we’ll cut Inafune some slack this time too!

Armed Striker Gunvolt would be made available for the 3DS via Nintendo’s eShop this coming summer, so get your wallets ready folks!

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